Yes, you guessed it right. He is talking about Donald Trump.

Hana is a journalist from Lebanon, who has worked in her home country and in the UAE for the likes of Fortune Arabia and Arabian Business. Naturally curious, she took her English Literature degree into the world of business journalism nine years ago, and found out that she could actually get paid for it. Entrepreneurship, innovation, and the courage to try are at the core of her writing.
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Despite ruffling the feathers of almost half of the world’s population with his controversial anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric as well as his anti-women remarks and his views on the death penalty  taxes among many others, Donald Trump is still on the good side of businessmen who appreciate his savviness and his acumen.

Among those people is Qatar Airways CEO, Akbar Al Baker.

During an interview with CNNMoney earlier this week, Al Baker said Trump’s divisive electoral campaign is not all that it is made out to be. “It’s all smoke and mirrors with Donald,” he said.

“Donald is a businessman — at the end of the day he will see what is in the best interest of his country, and what is in the best interest of his country is to create competition.”

This comes as a change in tone of the CEO of one of the world’s top airlines who said last December Trump would “not be welcome” in Muslim countries after he proposed banning Muslims from entering the U.S. “I can say that the reaction as a Muslim, I have taken offence to this, and especially when it is coming out from a friend of mine.”

Now, Al Baker has chosen to adopt a different stand and acknowledge Trump’s showmanship saying that whatever Donald Trump the campaigner is doing now is for show and is designed to get more votes.

“Once he becomes a president, if he becomes a president, I think he will clever(ly) not to go the path that he has been beating the drums about. It is detrimental to his own interests and detrimental to the interests in general of the United States.”

When asked by the interviewer if he’s willing to do business with Trump, the chief executive said he wouldn’t hesitate.

“I’m a businessman and I will even do business with the devil as long as it’s win-win for both,” Al Baker said with a visible smirk.