Tips and insights from online entrepreneurs on staying motivated and inspired in a digital workspace.

Here’s How Online Entrepreneurs Stay Motivated in a Digital World

Tips and insights from online entrepreneurs on staying motivated and inspired in a digital workspace.

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When your business operates online, it’s surprisingly easy to lose steam on forward momentum. Your competition, peers, and even your products exist in a virtual environment–and there are not always tangible outcomes for your hard work. Because of this, inspiration and motivation can be hard to come by at times. Here are a few tips from seasoned online business owners on staying inspired when the going gets rough.

Remember what you’re working for

Even though online entrepreneurship can be isolating at times, for some business owners, it’s all about focusing on the product and end result. When productivity and inspiration drops off, they remind themselves of the why behind their businesses.

Stan Farrell of ComposiMold says that for him, staying motivated is simply about remembering what he’s working toward–and creating a product he can believe in. “When you’re working hard to make something you believe in, the decision to work long hours isn’t a trade off,” he said.

Be thankful for freedom and flexibility

Lindsey Essary of Ellie and Mac said that owning an online business has allowed her family to do incredible things. “Owning an online business has afforded my family (with four children) to travel the world,” she said. “We’ve had so many amazing experiences because of it.”

Not everyone has the luxury of creating their own schedule and acting as the boss–but online business owners do. Taking advantage of that flexibility is a good way to re-charge your creative batteries.

Celebrate your independence

Owning a business comes with a lot of risk, but it also helps business owners become self-reliant and fiercely independent. On days when you feel less than inspired, remember that your career path allows you to choose your own adventures and challenges.

“For me, this path has always meant that I have the opportunity to create my own path and make my own decisions. As long as I’m willing to put in the work, I can call the shots,” said Erin Mulkeran of With Luv Design.


“I think that online entrepreneurship is all about the responsibility to actively participate in your life and community. If you can’t do that anymore, it’s time to start re-thinking the business,” said Lacie Mackey of Caveman Coffee.

One of the great things about being an online business owner is your ability to quickly shift gears and move the operation in a new direction. If you’re no longer inspired, consider re-focusing your business to something that better suits your current interests.

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