Hackers create fake WiFi with names similar to open WiFi points in the hotels and malls

Dubai’s Telecom Watchdog Has Warned Against The ‘Free WiFi Network’

Telecommunications Regularity Authority (TRA) has warned smartphone users to be careful while connecting to ‘free’ WiFi network at hotels and malls, as hackers can access the devices by setting up fake WiFi... (contd.)
Business Leaders Respond to travel ban

These Are The MENA Business Leaders Speaking Out Against Trump’s Immigration Ban

No one really.Unlike commentators in the political and human rights realm, regional business leaders are yet to respond publicly to US President Donald Trump's executive order barring nationals (including Green Card and... (contd.)

The UAE’s Foremost Political Expert Says President Trump ‘Values The Gulf’

Leading Emirati academic, Dr. Abdulkhaleq Abdullah, says that talks between US President Donald Trump and Gulf leaders show that Trump favors ties with the GCC.Trump called leaders from Saudi Arabia and the UAE on Sunday,... (contd.)
President of the United States, Donald Trump Speaking at a Press Conference in New York.

This Is How Middle East Leaders (& Airlines) Responded to Trump’s Immigration Order

Leaders throughout the Middle East have responded to an executive order signed off by US President Donald Trump on Friday, limiting entry into the United States for nationals from seven Muslim countries.The new order... (contd.)
Rating will help SMEs get access to capital

And Now, A Rating System For Dubai’s Expanding SME Ecosystem

In an effort to enhance small and medium-sized enterprises’ (SMEs) access to capital, Dubai has unveiled a rating system for such entities in the emirate. The initiative, called Rate SME, was launched by... (contd.)
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Dubai’s RTA Says That It’s Not Behind The Dhs3 Fee Careem Is Calling An RTA Fee

In a clarification announced today, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has said that it has no relation to the Dhs3 fee imposed by ride-hailing service Careem for booking limos via the... (contd.)
Careem users will now be hit with a surcharge of Dhs3 per trip

Careem Takes A U-Turn And Introduces A New RTA Fee

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has imposed fresh charges on ride-hailing services such as Careem and Uber. Careem users will now be hit with a surcharge of Dhs3 ($0.82) per trip, which... (contd.)
The round was led by Vostok Emerging Finance

With $13 million Of Fresh Fuel, This Turkish Payments Startup Is Going Places

Turkish payments startup Iyzico has raised a $13 million Series C funding round led by Vostok Emerging Finance, which is part of the Vostok New Ventures —a regular investor in the region. The... (contd.)
Expat without NOC cannot return for two years.

Things Are Just Not Getting Easier For Expat Employees In Oman

Oman’s Minister of Manpower Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser Al Bakri has endorsed Shura Council members’ proposal that the existing two-year visa ban on expats should stay. Two Shura members called on Al Bakri... (contd.)

This Is What A “Hard-Brexit” Would Mean For The Gulf Economy

British Prime Minister Theresa May, outlined plans for a "hard-Brexit" last week that would see Britain leaving the single market and seeking trade ties outside the continent.With its high-growth rate and access... (contd.)
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