The new website and app allow aspiring fundraisers to choose their charity of interest, make a donation, and then promote the charity on their social media channels.

Staff Writer

Qatari platform developers Applab made their pitch for a new website where crowdfunding meets organized fundraising at QITCOM in Doha.

The new social platform, Hasanat, aims to bring the collaborative spirit back to fund-raising, their Co-Founder AlMutasim AlSammari told Inc. Arabia.

“Hasanat is bringing charity back to its collaborative roots. Nowadays individuals are not allowed by law to collect money. Therefore some people are losing interest in charity work.”

The new website and app allow aspiring fundraisers to choose their charity of interest, make a donation, and then promote the charity on their social media channels.

Users can either donate as guests on the website or create an account, AlSammari explained.

“If they donate through their account, they will be able to campaign for charity projects they are interested in through their social network. They will also be able to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.”

Registered users will then receive social media statistics on the reach of their fundraising activities.

“They can do this by accessing their ‘campaign’ page on the website or app,” AlSammari said.

Their campaign page will detail how many people have accessed the charity project page from their campaign links, how many people donated through their campaign links and how many people lobbied for the project through their campaign links.

The user will also be updated on the charities fundraising target for each campaign, he added.

The idea is to generate interest in the fund-raising process, by giving philanthropists the chance to see how much traction their charitable work has gained among their peers.

“Hasanat is a platform that will give people a method to account for how effective their campaigns are within their circles of relations. It will encourage people to donate in a competitive and interesting environment.”

AlSammari says that as a result fundraisers will be inspired to campaign for more causes and generate more donations.

The online platform also safeguards against money laundering and cuts overhead costs, saving more funds for the poor.

With the world’s highest GDP, Qatar is a hotbed for startups with a solid business model, AlSammari quips.

“The entrepreneurship environment here is great.  There are a lot of governmental entities that support entrepreneurs,” he said.

“The main thing I have learned is that even if money is available in Qatar, it’s not easy to secure investment. Investors are very intelligent on where they are putting their money. Unless your project is convincing and generating money, its hard to get an investment.”

The new website and app are set to launch in May. AlSammari is looking to raise QAR750,000 for their business and claims that they can break even next year though revenue streams such as a percentage of all donations.