Meet the Doha startup bringing tech to the table.

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A new app that wants to put an end to long waits in restaurants for seating, placing an order and even paying your bill made its debut at QITCOM in Doha.

Feedeology app is a ‘restaurant communication platform’ that automates the system, allowing the restaurant to make their customer service more efficient, and avoid mistakes caused by communication breakdowns.

The company has just gone beta with a QAR100,000 grant and office space from QBIC, says Feedeology Co-founder Abi Elamin.

Moe al Shibbee, project manager at Feedeology, explains that for the app to work, the customer has to first make his profile, where he puts in his or her dietary preferences, allergies, and favorite dishes.

“You can check into the restaurant using the QR code, and the restaurant receives a notification that you have arrived, and will be able to view your profile. And you can start ordering through the app.”

This is good for both customers and restaurants because “there’re a lot of times you go to a restaurant, especially during rush-hour, where the service drops because all the waiters are running around,” he says.

It also helps restaurants target the customers for tailor-made promotions, he adds.