Who knew Michaelangelo could also be a gaming pioneer?

In fourth place at QITCOM’s Innovation Theater Competition was video gaming technology startup WAHM, that claims to transform a regular hand-held video game into a 3D game.

The startup won a cool QAR50,000 for their technology which uses a technique artists use in their paintings, called Perspective. Their device is essentially a second screen that clips on to your console screen at a 90-degree angle, and with some sophisticated eye-tracking technology, the game image then appears to have depth, as if 3D.

The founders took part in the conference to lure investors to cover their running costs and patent license, says Ahmed AbdelKarim Shehada, co-founder, 3D artist and developer.

Having fine-tuned their proof of concept, the company has filed for a patent and will move forward from the ideation phase with the DIC.

“We are a group of video gaming enthusiasts and engineers trying to make a video game attachment for mobile phones and Nintendo Switch that will introduce 3D gaming to a portable device,” Shehada says.

The same technique has been used by the likes of Michaelangelo and Da Vinci in their respective famous paintings, and WAHM has taken this to another level.

“We use the same techniques to produce it right in your hands, for you to play 3D video games.”