Winner to get incubator support and funding of up to US$500,000

UAE-based Krypto Labs has launched a worldwide search for the best unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) innovators through a drone technology startup competition.

Krypto Labs is currently forming a high-profile jury committee comprising international UAV experts and specialists, who will be judging based on hardware and/or software and/or services quality.

The competition covers all sectors of the UAV industry including transportation, services, healthcare, defense, security, medicine, humanitarian aid, media, archeology, agriculture, industry, internet and global information systems.

Krypto Labs has set out a list of criteria to be considered in this global competition.

Among these criteria, candidates should offer innovative, intelligent and realistic technologies that disrupt markets and businesses, while also contributing to community development, and facilitating services.

Worldwide registration, for individuals or groups of innovators, to the startup competition opens from the second half of January 2018 and will run for three months until the second half of April 2018.

The winning entry will have the opportunity to join the incubator and receive professional sponsorship and funding of up to $500,000.

Krypto Labs, based in Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, comprises of an integrated 2,600 square meter co-working space it terms ideal for entrepreneurial incubation and development.