Big money being offered for top level Pokémon Go accounts.

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Who would’ve thought—Pokémon Go fans in the UAE can get their hands on a Pokémon Go level 22 account for a whopping Dh15,000 ($4,083).

Despite the fact that the augmented reality game hasn’t been officially released in the country, several Pokémon Go user accounts are being sold on classified websites.

Launched on July 6, the Pokémon Go app has taken the world by storm. The mobile gaming app, developed by Niantic, encourages users to find Pokémon in real world locations using their smartphone’s camera and a GPS-guided map. Users are encouraged to visit local landmarks dubbed ‘Pokéstops’ to collect items.

Nintendo, the company behind the Pokémon franchise, saw its shares skyrocket following the unveiling of the new game, taking the company’s market value well over Sony which owns the PlayStation and overtaking several popular apps on the app store.

In the UAE, several gamers started selling  their advanced Pokémon accounts on classifieds websites for prices ranging from Dhs100 to as high as Dhs15,000. A random search on Dubizzle resulted in over 240 similar ads. One of them had listed his level 22 account for Dhs15,000.

Similarly, a Facebook page in the UAE called Pokémon Go Dubai has exceeded 1000 followers.

According to the latest YouGov data, 34.5 million adults (10% of the adult population) have downloaded and installed Pokémon Go since its US release.

Moreover, the report showed that almost 29% of Pokémon Go users (10 million) in the US have spent money on in-app purchases since the game was launched.

The company has already earned close to $300 million through in-app purchases and is well on its way to cross $1billion in the current calendar year.

Pokémon Go has yet to officially become available in the GCC, but users have found ways to join the Pokemon Go craze by accessing the app by a VPN connection or by using foreign app stores.