It halted operations in the city around six months ago.

Careem Set To Make A Comeback In The UAE’s Capital City

Ride-hailing app Careem will re-launch operations in Abu Dhabi from February 9, it said in a statement. The move comes roughly six months after the app and rival Uber halted services in... (contd.)
Users have experienced a sudden shutdown

Apple Just Ordered A Big Battery-Related Recall For iPhones In The UAE

Technology giant Apple will replace faulty batteries in 88,770 iPhone 6s in the UAE following reports that they caused unexpected shutdown, according to UAE Ministry of Economy. Apple sent the ministry a letter... (contd.)
One of the biggest opportunities for business is to utilize AI, yet most don't understand the importance of a human's role in adopting this new technology.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Transform Your Business Today

The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was first introduced at a Dartmouth college conference in 1956. At the time, AI founder, Herbert Simon, predicted, "machines will be capable, within twenty years, of... (contd.)
Robots and drones aren't just for million-dollar Silicon Valley startups.

How Every Small Business Can Become a High-Tech One

Technology is generally considered a driver of economic growth, yet only 4.9 percent of all US businesses are technology businesses. For the other 95 percent of small businesses, technology is not what... (contd.)
Information security is becoming a priority for consumers. Data privacy technology is finally ready to help

How Consumers Can Take Data Privacy More Seriously

Consumers are waking up to the dangers of hacks and data privacy. This year alone provided an onslaught of attacks affecting billions of Americans. CNN's 2016 report of data breaches included the... (contd.)
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Video has become Facebook's next battleground as it looks to build a paid community of content creators, an tactic very similar to YouTube Red.

Facebook Takes Aim At YouTube With New Video Strategy

After a very healthy earnings webcast this week, Facebook revealed its plans for heavily investing in video in 2017. The social networking behemoth boasted a 17% boost in users and beat expectations... (contd.)
Fee will be charged for commercial use

Want To Fly Your Drone In The UAE? Pay Up!

The UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has stipulated that commercial operators of drones in the country have to pay a fee of Dhs50,000 ($13,624) per year. Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) operators using... (contd.)
Ties up with Ripple

One Of The UAE’s Biggest Banks Is Embracing Blockchain

In an effort to embrace technology as a lender, National Bank of Abu Dhabi has become the first bank in the Middle East and North Africa to introduce real time, cross-border payments... (contd.)
HyperloopTT has now surpassed $100 million in investment.

Fast 2: The UAE Is Getting Another Hyperloop Route

Sheikh Falah bin Zayed, a member of the ruling royal family of Abu Dhabi, has signed an agreement with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT) to support the project to link Abu Dhabi and... (contd.)
Shamoon cripples computers by wiping disks

The Shamoon Virus Has Returned To Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s telecom authority has warned organizations in the kingdom to be on the alert for the Shamoon virus, which cripples computers by wiping out their disks. The Saudi Arabian labor ministry said... (contd.)
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