GCC is heading for billions of dollars in investment

GCC Investment In ‘Internet Of Things’ Is Set To Grow A Multi-Billion Dollar Market

The Internet of Things (IoT) will generate economic benefits worth up to $11 trillion globally by 2025 while GCC countries will see high adoption of IoT, according to a report.IoT already connects... (contd.)
Dubai police self driving vehicle

Dubai, Say Hello To These New Self-Driving Police Vehicles

Months after unveiling flying taxis, Dubai Police has launched autonomous, self-driving miniature cars.Dubai Police signed a new deal with Singapore-based OTSAW Digital to deploy autonomous outdoor security robots — called O-R3 by... (contd.)
UAE needs to step up its cyber security

Computer Users In The UAE, You Need To Step Up Your Cyber Security Game, As Another Global Cyber Attack Hits

No computers in the UAE have been affected by the new ransomware cyber attack yet, that spread from Ukraine and Russia through Europe to the US, according to the country's telecommunications regulator. Thousands... (contd.)
Whatsapp calling in UAE

The Short-Lived WhatsApp Video Calling Stint Gets Axed Once Again In The UAE

Soon after users were elated over the unblocking of WhatsApp's voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) functions in the UAE last week, the government seems to have restricted the use of WhatsApp’s voice... (contd.)
You've got to break a few eggs to make an omelette.

18 Google Products That Are Now Defunct

Google is known for its collection of wildly popular products, from search to maps to Android.But not everything the company touches turns to gold.Google Glass was supposed to change the world, but... (contd.)
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The photo-sharing platform launched a social map feature, which shows the company may be thinking about improving its network effects and monetization.

Snapchat’s New Map Feature Is a Sign of Hope

Young people rejoice! The Snapchat app rolled out a new feature this week called Snap Map which allows users to view their friends' locations in real time. After acquiring social location platform... (contd.)
whatsapp calls work in the uae

UAE Gives The Green Light To WhatsApp Voice Calls

Expatriates residing in UAE are elated as they can now connect with their families back home with popular instant messaging service WhatsApp.VoIP services, including video-calling, have been restricted in the UAE, with... (contd.)
Dubai to start trial run of air taxis

Dubai Is Going To Start Testing German-made Self-Flying Air Taxis

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said trials for an autonomous air taxi (AAT), which is capable of carrying two passengers, will start in the fourth quarter of 2017.The authority has signed... (contd.)

This Jordan-born, California-based Startup Is Challenging The Costly Medical Supply Industry

In his former life, Yahya Aqel was a student of biomedical engineering who stumbled into ten years of work as a distributor, broker, and supplier. That is when he wasn't swimming or... (contd.)
Careem expands to Palestine

The Last Link: Careem Finally Expands To Palestine

Dubai-based taxi hailing app Careem has expanded its operations to Palestine.The launch is designed to support Palestine’s tech ecosystem and alleviate local transport issues, it said.Careem’s operations in the country will begin... (contd.)
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