Blockchain is on the brink of gaining global understanding and support.

How Blockchain Technology Is About To Change Your Life

The terms "trust" and "cyber technology" are not often used in the same sentence. The past year has seen an onslaught of cyber hacks, forcing everyone to question security on the web.... (contd.)
Smart Dubai Office will role out blockchain projects soon

Dubai Is Getting Onboard The Blockchain Train To Get Smarter

Smart Dubai, a government-run entity has partnered with IBM and ConsenSys for a plan to implement bitcoin database technology blockchain. As per the pact, IBM will be the lead strategic partner and ConsenSys... (contd.)
Adam Cheyer, co-creator of Siri, says the fear of robot overlords is overblown.

Why The Creator Of Apple’s Siri Isn’t Worried About Artificial Intelligence Becoming Too Smart

As artificial intelligence grows smarter, the debate rages on about if--or when--its abilities will eventually surpass us.At least one person in the tech world isn't worried about the prospect of robot overlords:... (contd.)
And a startup is already on the right track.

This Is How IoT Will Be Driving Innovation In The MENA Hospitality Industry

It's common knowledge that guest satisfaction doesn't come easy.Product Manager at Savvy Ahmed Khalil Alkahlout believes that IoT applied to the hospitality industry can serve as a springboard for success and mean... (contd.)
The company is learning what it will take to create the regulatory framework required, said Hyperloop One CEO Rob Lloyd.

Hyperloop One Might Ferry Passengers In The UAE As Early As 2021

The company is learning what it will take to create the regulatory framework required, said Hyperloop One CEO Rob Lloyd while addressing the Middle East Rail conference in Dubai.Lloyd said the firm... (contd.)
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Move part of efforts to promote environmentally-friendly vehicles.

Dubai Issues New Rules In Its Goal To Be More Electric Car-Friendly

As part of its efforts to ensure a shift towards environmentally-friendly cars, the Dubai government t has issued fresh regulations on the installation of electric vehicle charging stations. According to directive number 1... (contd.)
YOYO allows members to reserve and use cars.

Bahrain is Getting A Cool New Car-Sharing Service

Middle East- and Africa-based mobile telecom provider Zain Group has teamed up with Turkish digital startup YOYO to bring the latter’s car sharing club model to Bahrain. The project will be expanded across... (contd.)
GCAA is working on setting up fresh standards for drones.

UAE Is Mulling Plans To End The Import Of (Some) Drones

The UAE will stop importing unmanned aerial vehicles that don’t meet guidelines as it works on setting up fresh standards for drones, according to the director general of the General Civil Aviation... (contd.)
We now need to hire, manage and train for new skills, such as empathy and social sensitivity.

If You Want To Know How Technology Will Affect Your Work, Look At These 3 Long-Term Trends

Work used to be pretty simple. You got up in the morning, did your job and came home at the end of the day. Most people spent their whole career doing pretty... (contd.)
This Jordanian how his personal struggle triggered a much-awaited eureka moment that turned into Masmoo3, an audiobooks startups.

How I Did It: Masmoo3’s Ala Suleiman On Bringing Audiobooks To The Arabic Speaker

Part of our “How I Did It” series, featured in the January 2017 issue of Inc. Arabia. Insider stories from from some of the Middle East & North Africa’s most innovative companies; and the grit... (contd.)
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