Few things will surprise and shock us as much as the ability of A.I. to alter reality--really!

This Short, 8-Minute Video of President Obama Gives a Whole New Meaning to Fake News

What separates the "real" from the "virtual" is obvious, right? Think again.The applications of AI are infinitely greater in number and in impact than anything we could possibly begin to imagine, and they are accelerating... (contd.)

Logistics Giant Teams Up With Dubai Startup On Implementing Blockchain Tech

Tristar Group has teamed up with Dubai-based startup Block Gemini Technologies to develop a Proof of Concept (POC) that it says will use blockchain technology to make supply chains more transparent."Blockchain technology gives us... (contd.)

Facebook Wants to Teach You How to Spend Money on Facebook

What if mom-and-pop businesses had the same advertising capabilities as billion-dollar corporations with Madison Avenue media agencies at their beck and call? That's the idea behind Facebook's Blueprint "e-learning platform." The company announced on Tuesday... (contd.)
How we work is largely connected to the growth of new technology, but other considerations such as environmental, legal, and societal factors impact the future of work.

Technology Alone Cannot Drive Change

When you think about the future of work, what's the first thing that comes to mind about what is driving the change? For most people, it's technology. And for good reason--technology is everywhere.... (contd.)

The ‘Boy Genius’ Behind the $28.5 Billion Cryptocurrency Ethereum

There are tons of 20-something entrepreneurs all over the world, undoubtedly coding up the Next Big Thing this very moment.And then there's Vitalik Buterin.Unlike most men his age -- or any age,... (contd.)
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Google’s Waymo Pulls Ahead of Uber With Driverless Cars

Alphabet's Waymo just pulled ahead of the competition.On Tuesday, the technology giant's autonomous car unit announced that it has deployed roughly 100 vehicles on public roads--without human drivers. That makes it the... (contd.)
Fetchr Drone Delivery

Fetchr Inks Partnership To Ship Your Packages Via Drones

Three tech companies including Dubai-based on-demand shipper Fetchr have joined forces to develop the first autonomous drone delivery service in the Gulf region.Fetchr, in collaboration with Eniverse and Skycart, will drive the... (contd.)

After Reporting Major Loss, Tesla Says Its Cutting Production of Model S and Model X in Q3 Earnings Report

Tesla reported a wider-than-expected third-quarter loss, the largest in its history.  The company said it would cut production of its Model S and Model X vehicles to redeploy resources towards the... (contd.)
Lebanese Central Bank Digital Currency

Lebanese Central Bank (Sort Of) Embraces A Digital Currency Future

The Lebanese central bank intends to launch its own digital currency in the very near future, its head said this past week.Riad Salameh, governor of the Banque Du Liban (BDL), has announced that... (contd.)

True or False: Looking Back on 2017 Tech Predictions

As the fourth quarter of 2017 begins, most companies are busy with year-end preparations and strategic planning for the next fiscal year. With the focus shifting to future operations, it's easy to... (contd.)
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