Dubai Taxi deal with Cartrawler

Booking A Dubai Taxi From Overseas? Yes, That Is Possible

Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has formed a partnership with Irish rental and booking firm Cartrawler that will enable people overseas, like travelers to Dubai, to make prepaid bookings through the latter’s system. According... (contd.)
The Kingdom is gearing up to plug into digital jobs

Why This Move Might Mark The Start Of A New Digital Era For Jordan

Since the term ‘Digital Economy’ was coined by Don Tapscott in his 1995 best-seller, a lot has changed for virtually every business and industry around the world.The MENA region is no... (contd.)
Egyptian central bank issues new rules for mobile payments

Why FinTech Startups Should Pay Attention To The Egyptian Central Bank’s Latest Announcement

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE)’s board has approved a revised version of regulations for mobile payment services. The move comes soon after Egyptian Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Combating Unit (EMLCU) issued... (contd.)
Dubai Electric Buses

Dubai’s Latest Mega Development is Going To be Serviced By Electric Buses

As part of plans to build a low carbon footprint, Dubai South, an emerging 145 square km city, has signed an agreement with Transit Australia Group (TAG) to launch its first electric... (contd.)
Jordan's e-government push failing

Jordan’s Push For E-Government Is Being Pushed Back Against

The e-government program launched by the Jordanian government is yet to gain traction among people, according to country's ICT Minister Majd Shweikeh. While the government began 122 e-government services in the first phase... (contd.)
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Companies like Dell, Google, Qualcomm, Rag & Bone and Topshop prove that VR is here to stay

5 Virtual Reality Trends For 2017 And Beyond

Virtual Reality (VR) has long been an abstract idea mostly seen in futuristic scenes in the movies, until recently. At this point, many of us have already experienced it first hand, whether... (contd.)
Al Tayer group goes Online

One Of The Gulf’s Best Known Luxury Groups Goes The E-Commerce Way

Al Tayer Insignia, the retail unit of Dubai-based Al Tayer Group, has launched a luxury retail e-commerce platform called The platform will initially cater to customers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and... (contd.)
The tech giant has paused development of its self-driving car. Here's why that makes sense.

Why Google Was Smart to Put the Brakes on Its Self-Driving Car

After several years of development, Google has put the brakes on its project to develop its own self-driving cars.While other companies, such as Uber and Tesla, have rolled out traditional cars that... (contd.)
IAWS to start operations in the Middle East

Look What Amazon Is Bringing To The Middle East For Your Business

E-commerce giant Amazon’s arm Amazon Web Services (AWS) will open offices in Dubai and Bahrain next year to accelerate the adoption of its cloud computing offering in the Middle East and North... (contd.)
UAE open to driverless cars

Just How Open Are The UAE’s Residents To Driverless Cars On Their Streets?

Most UAE residents are thrilled about driverless cars, but many are apprehensive about safety, according to an online survey conducted by YouGov’s Omnibus Service. While 58% residents are enthusiastic about driverless cars, 57%... (contd.)
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