If every business is now a software business, might AI be the next frontier?

Why Every Company Should Experiment With AI

For the past few years, there has been a mantra that "every business is a software business." While that's true, it's also becoming outdated. Software is such an obvious part of doing... (contd.)
Augmented reality, virtual reality, and voice activated technology are gaining serious commercial traction. Is your business prepared?

Are You Taking These Emerging Technologies For Granted?

Remember the days before smartphones? Yes, I'm referring to that primitive era--pre-2007--when we relied on Garmin for directions, desktop computers to manage our calendars, and Blackberry to send emails and make phone... (contd.)

One IT Giant Does Its Bit To Bring UAE Girls & Tech Together

Cisco hosted the UAE’s version of “Girls Power Tech” event on Thursday, May 4,  at their office in Dubai as a part of the company's CSR initiatives.Previously titled “Girls In ICT Day,” the event... (contd.)
The Mellow Release of Its New iPad raises a lot of questions.

Would You Agree That Apple Has Hit An Innovation Wall?

You might have missed it but a new iPad was unveiled a few weeks ago. The new 9.7" iPad is a slightly dumbed down, and significantly less expensive version of the $599... (contd.)
If every business is now a software business, might AI be the next frontier?

AI Will Replace Bad Managers

We're seeing artificial intelligence grow in the workplace and take over a variety of responsibilities, from data entry to customer service, with great success, but could management positions ever be replaced by... (contd.)
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Test flight is expected next year.

Fly From London To Dubai In 4 Hours Because Supersonic Jets Are Coming Back

US-based Boom Technology aims to reduce flight time from Dubai to London or Abu Dhabi to Sydney by half when its supersonic passenger jet starts commercial operation.Its XB-1, which is expected to... (contd.)
Millennials rank their use of technology as the factor that most makes their generation unique. It's also changing how businesses are run.

4 Ways Millennials Are Changing Tech In The Workplace

Millennials now make up the largest living generation. And while these people--roughly between the ages of 21 and 39--are certainly a diverse group, they do share some defining attributes. For one thing,... (contd.)
Move aimed at preventing militant attacks.

Saudi Arabia Curbs Mobile SIM Card Ownership For Expats & Citizens

Saudi Arabia has put curbs on the ownership of prepaid SIM cards for citizens and foreigners, in a bid to block the use of cards in carrying out militant attacks in the... (contd.)
Egypt blocking Viber, VOIP

Egypt Is Now Blocking Voice Calls Made Over Viber, FaceTime, WhatsApp & Facebook

VOIP services have experienced frequent interruptions in many areas across Egypt over the last two days, prompting many to wonder if the regulator or telcos were blocking services for economic reasons.According to... (contd.)
Conventional wisdom says these jobs will be automated out of existence but I'm not so sure.

10 Common Jobs That Won’t Exist In 20 Years

I recently received an infographic entitled "10 Common Jobs Which Won't Exist in 20 Years Time." I've reproduced the infographic at the end of the post, which was originally posted on LottoLand,... (contd.)
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