How Much Would The VAT Add To The UAE’s Coffers?

Value added tax (VAT), which is expected to implemented in Gulf countries in 2018, will enhance the UAE government’s coffers by $3.27 billion (Dhs12 billion) in 2018, according to Obaid Humaid Al... (contd.)
Online shopping

Would You Pay More For Same-Day Delivery Of Your Online Shopping?

A significant section of online shoppers in the UAE are comfortable paying more for same-day delivery, according to a report by consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. More than 60% of online customers in the country... (contd.)
Courts 'key to success' of UAE's new bankruptcy law, says Fitch

Will UAE’s Bankruptcy Law Work For The Country’s SMEs? Depends On The Courts, Says Fitch

The effective implementation of the UAE’s new bankruptcy law will depend on the ability of the courts in the country to interpret the law and handle proceedings, according to global rating agency... (contd.)
gaza Sky Geeks is Crowdfunding for a generator

Palestine’s Only Startup Accelerator Needs Your Help To Keep The Lights On

Gaza Sky Geeks, the only startup accelerator in the besieged Palestinian territory of Gaza, is in the process of raising cash.  However, the goal of its latest crowdfunding campaign could seem unusual to someone... (contd.)
Think Defensively and Offensively

Preparing Your 2017 Financing Strategy

As you prepare and plan for 2017, here are ten defensive and offensive financing strategies to consider.DEFENSIVE1 Have you reviewed the mix between your fixed rate and variable rate debt, the impact... (contd.)
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Games publisher from Jordan gets acquired

The MENA Gaming Scene Gets Hotter As Jordanian Gaming Startup gets Acquired

Sweden’s Stillfront Group has acquired Middle East-based game publisher Babil Games, it said in a statement. The deal is said to be the largest exit in the region’s gaming industry, although financial details... (contd.)
Be proactive when it comes to identifying and eliminating extra fees.

10 Ways You Can Still Accept Credit Cards While Reducing Business Costs

Accepting credit cards in your business opens the door to a much larger potential customer base of consumers or businesses that prefer to use this payment method over others. While this is... (contd.)
Algebra Ventures Closes $40 million fund

Here Is A New $50 Million Fund For Egypt’s Entrepreneurs To Target

Egyptian venture fund Algebra Ventures has made its first close at $40 million, it said in a statement. The fund, which was launched in June, plans to reach a final close at $50... (contd.)
Saudi Industrial Funds

Saudi Arabia Sends More Than $1.5 Billion Towards Its SMEs

In a bid help finance the kingdom’s foray into more industries, Saudi Arabia plans to enhance the capital of the Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) by SAR6 billion ($1.6 billion), Energy Minister... (contd.)

Simple Tips to Help You Raise Capital

Over my career, I have been involved in founding and supporting a number of companies. Being able to raise outside funding has been one of my contributions. As odd as it may... (contd.)
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