Bounced checks Dubai

Dubai Business Owners, Bounced Cheques Of Less Than 200k To Be Dealt With Fines

Businessmen in Dubai have got further relief from the local government as the Dubai Public Prosecution service has moved to implement a legal framework that will allow bounced cheques to be dealt... (contd.)

There Are 36 Million Millionaires in the World and They Own Nearly Half the Planet’s Wealth

A new Credit Suisse report finds there are 2.3 million new millionaires in the world, putting the total at 36 million. Collectively, they make up less than 1% of the population... (contd.)

VC Fred Wilson: Location, Location, Location

Here are some "truisms" about startup investors and location that I've experienced and passed on over the years:Startup investors prefer to invest locally The younger the startup business, the more that is... (contd.)

Evan Spiegel’s Snap Has Spent $352.4 Million on Acquisitions in 2017

Snap has spent at least $352.4 million in cash on acquisitions this year. The six-year-old app maker has purchased roughly two dozen other companies since 2014 and shows no signs of slowing its spending. Snap... (contd.)
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Need Financial Advice? Consider Asking a Millennial (Seriously)

As any think-piece can tell you, Millennials have been subjected to a variety of negative stereotypes over the last few years, especially as more of us have entered the workforce. Many have fought back... (contd.)
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Dubai’s DIFC Just Announced A $100M Fund For Fintech Startups

Dubai International Financial Centre has (DIFC) launched a $100 million fund to invest in financial technology startups.The fund will focus on companies in the incubation and growth stages looking to access markets... (contd.)

Venture Capital Is No Longer Just For The SIlicon Valley Set

Ever since the Netscape IPO in 1995, venture capital has taken on an almost mystical quality. The idea of investors in khakis backing a few kids in a garage to rival the world's largest... (contd.)
Inc. Arabia Breadfast

Cairo-based Breakfast Delivery Startup Snags Seed Funding

Breadfast has raised an undisclosed amount in seed funding from 500 Startups, Qatar-based Averroes Ventures, and angel investors, it announced this past week.Cairo-based Breadfast is a baked goods, and breakfast delivery startup co-founded earlier... (contd.)

UAE Businesses Need To File Their Excise Tax Returns Or Face Hefty Fines

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has warned businesses to file their excise tax returns before the deadline, or face the penalties.Last month, the UAE introduced an excise tax which saw the price... (contd.)
Inc. Arabia tristar

GIC Invests $100 Million In UAE-based Logistics Firm

UAE-based Tristar Group has sold an undisclosed equity stake to Kuwait-based Gulf Investment Corporation (GIC) by issuing $100 million worth of fresh shares to the latter, it announced this week.The fund will... (contd.)
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