Technology is changing the way people think about their finances

5 Trends That Are Democratizing Financial Services

The financial services industry is often one of the hardest industries to disrupt. Consumers build a sense of trust and loyalty with their financial provider and will often continue that relationship for... (contd.)
VAT is expected at 5%

Come January 2018, All Of The Gulf Will Have A Flat 5% VAT To Deal With

Despite administrative and technical challenges, the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are planning to introduce a 5% value-added tax (VAT) at the beginning of 2018, according to a United Arab Emirates... (contd.)
Money is the lifeline of your business. Successful business owners keep a strong, but healthy, connection to how it flows through their company.

How to Have a Healthy Handle on Money

While your relationship with your business partner, your employees, your customers and your spouse has impact on your business; it's your relationship with money that is most crucial to your long term... (contd.)

3 Financial Essentials For Your MENA Startup’s First Business Plan

Strategy is easy...numbers are hard.However, it is quintessential to make financial projections for your business plan to come to life.The primary purpose for a business to exist is to earn... (contd.)
Sometimes startups get overconfident

5 Common Financial Mistakes Your MENA Startup Is Probably Making

What does it mean to be an Entrepreneur? It’s not just about starting a business, it is a way of thinking, and a choice someone makes to explore the ocean of opportunities... (contd.)
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Procurement and supply chain sector will see better salary growth

This Is How Much Of A Salary Hike MENA Workers Will See In 2017

Professionals in the Middle East are likely to see an average of 2% rise in their salaries this year, according to a report by consultancy Robert Walters. The year will start on a... (contd.)
As Mark Cuban once said, "Ideas are worthless until you do something with them."

Forever Broke: 15 Things Holding You Back From Becoming a Multi-Millionaire

There's no surefire way to become a millionaire. But there are definitely things that are holding you back from achieving that elusive multi-millionaire status.Over my 32 years of being alive (yes, I'm... (contd.)
S: Customers can avail reduction in interest rate

With Tesla Almost Here, The UAE Really Wants You To Get On The Electric Car Ride

In a bid to encourage customers to buy environmentally-friendly vehicles, Dubai's largest lender Emirates NBD has launched a ‘green auto loan’ offering, even as a major insurance company has launched a product aimed... (contd.)
Funding was raised within a week

This Dubai-based Solar Startup Raised A Cool $1 Million Off A Crowdfunding Drive

Dubai-based solar firm Enerwhere has raised Dhs1 million via crowdfunding platform Beehive, tapping unconventional investors. The three-year-old startup raised the funding in less than a week. The funding happened at a time when... (contd.)
Crowdfunding platforms have been emerging an alternative source of funding for SMEs

Crowdfunding Platforms In Dubai Could Soon Get Some Watchful Eyes On Them

The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) has launched a consultation on its proposed framework for regulating crowdfunding platforms that help entrepreneurs and SMEs raise loans. This is the first in a series of... (contd.)
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