Is it worth it? Here are the pros and cons.

Farid Gasim is a Tech Entrepreneur based in Dubai and is part of regionally renowned digital agency Grafdom. As founder of Edarabia, Farid has extensive experience in serving the education and healthcare industries of the Middle East. As an integral part of Grafdom, Farid has developed digital strategies for blue-chip, government and SMEs brands; enabling them to leverage online presence and amplify social media footprint. He is a seasoned speaker with over 10 years of digital expertise and numerous public engagements at New York University Abu Dhabi, Zayed University, Higher Colleges of Technology and other industry events & forums.

Every year, companies turn their eyes towards the working capability of students prior to their graduation. Millions of students pass out every year and provide a lucrative and fresh pool of ambitious talent that employers can potentially choose from.

Undoubtedly, internships are an excellent means of gaining fresh outlooks on the challenges faced by companies; finding out good attributes of the interns and trying out future employees, supervisors, and leaders.

Not only are internships beneficial for these companies, but they are also useful for young interns.

According to surveys carried out by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), an average of 60% to 65% of the interns receive at least one job proposal. But then again, it is always advantageous for companies to take a look at the complete picture and mull over the pros and cons that go along with every experience.

Here are some of the advantages of taking on young interns:

Fresh Outlook

Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of bringing in young interns, who are outsiders to your company, is the ability to bring a fresh perspective on your company, tactics, and campaigns. You may be surprised by how much inspiration you can gain just by discussing the challenges the company may face with young interns.

Increase Productivity, Save Cost

Hiring young interns can prove to be very productive and can also save cost to your company. The cost of hiring these interns is not the same as that of a full-time staff member. Usually, the income range for interns is not defined. So, given that you chose the right candidates for the internship position, you can stand to gain a lot of benefits.

Dedication & Hard Work

Candidates who have only just graduated from school, generally, want the chance to prove themselves and are determined to try and have a significant effect on the company. As compared to senior employees, they are more committed to working harder, more passionate and motivated to perform their jobs.

Testing for Entry Level-Hires

Just think about the placement program as a way to ascertain & judge potential recruits. You can check out the flair and aptitude of young interns and analyze whether the intern is a suitable fit for your organization or not. This way, you’ll commit fewer missteps when moving on to the process of hiring full-time employees.

Here are some of the disadvantages of taking on young interns:

The Cost of Hiring Procedure

Even though interns are not paid as much as full-time employees, the cost of hiring a suitable intern can be a bit much. Hunting for the right candidate, the interview process, and screening procedure can normally take as much work as hiring a full-time employee with lower returns on the hiring investment as internships only last a few months.

Lack of Experience

Young interns don’t have too much work experience which can result in an undeveloped approach and confused behavior. It would be great if you are up to date on how to guide &monitor them to get the work done.

Require Management

Young interns usually flourish under independence and freedom. It may be necessary to allow a little flexibility in timings but they need to be well-managed. Some boundaries& rules may need to be set so you can maintain control over the interns.

Lack of Direction

Young interns can lack direction and frequently struggle to advance along a constant path. Despite their knowledge and brilliant ideas, it might be difficult for them to follow through on their visions due to consistently changing minds. It is your duty to guide and mentor them.

Pros and cons are like two sides of the same coin; you can’t benefit from one without risking the other. While taking on young interns can be challenging, it is a risk worth taking. The trick here lies in skilfully using the practice to your advantage.