Good communication is certainly a strong leadership trait. But what exactly does that look like?

The 5 Communication Habits All Leaders Need to Motivate a Team

A global leadership study revealed that 85 percent of companies report an urgent need to develop employees with leadership potential.Let me echo that massive study: We are in an era with an... (contd.)
Accountability is easy to talk about, but hard to act upon. Here two simple steps you can take with your team.

How to Build a Culture of Accountability

Ambiguity is the Achilles Heel of accountability. To boost accountability, you must be specific - even more specific than you think you need to be.When specificity goes up things like miscommunication, rework... (contd.)
Accountability is key.

5 Goals to Set With Your Millennial Team This Year

By Bryanne Lawless, owner of BLND Public Relations.2016 is over. In between penciling in gym classes around your already-busy 2017 schedule and returning that tie or mixer you received three of this... (contd.)
Discover what is reverse mentoring, how other organizations are using it to engage Millennials, and how you can too.

1 Powerful Solution to Retain and Engage Millennials

"It produced...an inversion of expertise because we had so many changes at the lower levels in technology and tactics and whatnot that suddenly the things we grew up doing weren't what the... (contd.)
Have you ever wondered why some business owners always seem to come up winners? I say it has more to do with business disciplines than great ideas.

8 Key Disciplines Every Business Owner Needs for Success

Entrepreneurs are people who dream up new ideas, and then commercialize them into new businesses. Most people believe that the hard part is coming up with the idea, and the easy part... (contd.)
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Getting ahead in business and life is rarely a lucky accident.

5 Traits of the Most Successful Women in Business

hard work, perseverance, tenacity and the right kind of helpful habits. When it comes to succeeding as a woman, a few more things can help. That's according to Amy Vetter, global vice... (contd.)
Why not taking a risk is a risk.

3 Smart Ways to Think and Act Like Elon Musk

Entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk is a lionhearted leader with a strong stomach for risk. He revels in thinking big, from inventing an environmentally friendly car to making space travel a reality.... (contd.)
What is a leader? If you think it’s someone who tells others what to do then you're probably going to want to read this.

Dear MENA Boss, Your Rudeness May Be Costing You More Than You Think

What is a leader? Simply telling people what to do is appropriate in some situations e.g. when there’s a fire, but if you do it all the time then you’re likely to... (contd.)
3 tips for off the charts business growth this year.

How We Became An Industry Leader With Zero Advertising

In five years, I took my business (an award-winning coaching studio) to the top of its industry. My studio helps Hollywood celebrities, world leaders, CEOs, politicians, executives, lawyers, and other industry leaders... (contd.)
Get five powerful lessons in leadership that everyone should know

Want Extraordinary Influence? Take these lessons from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Heart

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was an man who stood for justice in a time of extraordinary opposition. Today, it's easy to listen to his speeches, read his writings and talk... (contd.)
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