Are You a Procrastinator? These 5 Research-Backed Tips Could Change That

Procrastination is a serious issue. And, if you're like me, a daily struggle.It makes you poorer, unhealthier, and unhappier. It shoots stress levels through the roof. It causes companies to lose valuable income and the gross... (contd.)

7 Effective Ways to Destroy Your Company Culture Without Even Realizing It

An organizational culture comes about in one of two ways: (1) by careful design, or (2) haphazardly over time. Simply put, the culture is the result of rituals, behaviors and experiences that... (contd.)

Michelle Obama Just Explained How to Be Successful in 6 Short Words

Michelle Obama has a history of making pithy, inspirational remarks. Earlier today, the former First Lady spoke at the Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts in Hartford, Connecticut. During that speech she encapsulated... (contd.)

Successful CEOs Use These 5 Hacks to Always Stay Productive

It's no secret that startups are hard. To be successful, it can require unending mental and physical energy, superhuman patience, and a massive demand on the most important resource of all: your time.It's no... (contd.)

The 2 Truths That Reveal Why We Don’t Accomplish Our Goals (And Ultimately Accept Failure)

Growing up, failure wasn't allowed in my household.I remember being twelve years old, barely a step into middle school, when I caught the flu the morning of a jump rope fundraiser. My father walked... (contd.)
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Think Your Job Is Safe? This Duke Professor Says You Need to Diversify Your Work Right Now

Earlier this fall, one of the most important business books of 2017 was released -- the new work of Dorie Clark, a professor at the Duke University Fuqua School of Business.The book is... (contd.)

Why Every Team Needs a Negative Thinker (And Why They Should Never Be Your Leader)

There is this moment in the experience of every entrepreneur where all seems lost.Whether it is an investor declining to come in on a desperately needed round of funding, a pivotal customer choosing... (contd.)

If You Want to Be as Productive as a Top CEO, Cut Out These 4 Bad Habits

Being productive sometimes isn't about what you're doing, but more so about what you're not doing. Whether it's becoming a better leader, growing your business or growing personally, being more productive is in your best... (contd.)

9 Shocking Anecdotes That Reveal Jeff Bezos’s Cutthroat Management Style

• Amazon is known throughout the business world for being a ruthless competitor -- and is on track to become the first trillion-dollar company.• Reports from Brad Stone's "The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the... (contd.)

Bill Gates Is Developing a $80 Million ‘Smart City’ in Arizona

An icon in the technology industry, Bill Gates is setting his sights on building one of the first "Smart Cities" in the world. Located 45 minutes outside of Phoenix, Arizona, 25,000 thousand acres of... (contd.)
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