If a vast canyon exists between your current position and the goal you desire, ask the following questions and leap the barrier courageously.

5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Trying To Reach Your Goal

What if the type of work you presently do is becoming obsolete? What if you are no longer the smartest one in the room, or the youngest, or the most energetic? What... (contd.)
Bringing a personal leadership approach to an organization - or even to your own work - requires three steps.

Leaders: This Is The Secret To Preserving Top Talent

If company leaders hope to keep top talent, they are going to have to preserve their most talented employees.If talented employees hope to fulfill their potential, they are going to have to... (contd.)
Before you shoot down their request, consider how this change might improve your business.

6 Ways To Approach An Employee Who Wants To Transition To A New Department

Given the fluidity of most jobs today, it's likely your employees will wear many hats -- and they won't necessarily be restricted to the department they were hired to work in. But... (contd.)
Culture doesn't happen overnight. It happens over time!

Build Culture By Building Habits

by Mattson Newell (@MattsonNewell), Director for Partners In Leadership.The culture within an organization isn't built overnight. It doesn't happen after that great employee conference you just had. It happens methodically over time.... (contd.)
Often overlooked aspects of what it really takes to be a truly great boss.

5 Simple Things The Most Incredibly Respected Bosses Do (Every. Single. Day).

We can all rattle off qualities we absolutely hated in our old bosses quicker than we can the good ones. Like it or not, those awful bosses are what brought us here... (contd.)
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You'll build stronger customer relationships, and on a smaller budget too.

The 3 Biggest Misconceptions About Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship. It's a word everyone thinks they know about but only a select few really get it.Anyone with an Etsy account can call themselves an entrepreneur, but they're only being partially truthful... (contd.)
These book explore inspiration, courage and leadership.

5 Books From Emma Watson’s Reading List That Will Inspire And Empower You

Emma Watson doesn't just play a leading lady in Beauty and the Beast, the Disney remake that is predicted to break box office records this weekend. The 26-year-old actress also happens to... (contd.)
You've got to step up your game when new players arrive. Here's how.

7 Golden Rules Of Succeeding In A Crowded Market

Entrepreneurship is a bit like surfing.You hit the water and wait for the waves to come. Not every wave is the same. Some you can hop on and ride. Others won't go... (contd.)
Are you up to date on the new performance management approach?

The New Rules Of Employee Performance Management

When I say the words "Performance management," what's your first reaction?Maybe you immediately flash back to uncomfortable annual reviews you've had - ones where you sat, pensively, opposite an intimidating boss who... (contd.)
I have a simple rule: manage people the way I would want to be managed.

8 Essentials For Becoming A Manager Who Motivates

In your experience as a manager, what practices have helped you to motivate and influence your team to be productive and fulfilled employees? originally appeared on Quora - the place to gain... (contd.)
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