If you want optimal output, you need to invest in your workplace.

Your Office is Influencing How Your Much Your Team Trusts You

"The work environment can bring out the 'best' or the 'worst' in you," says Abhishek Ratna, author of the self-help book, No Parking. No Halt. Success Non Stop! Raina makes the crucial point that... (contd.)
Are meetings a waste of time, or believing the myth our way of coping with social anxiety? Let's bust five myths of the "no meeting" mantra.

Meetings Aren’t the Problem–It’s the Way You’re Running Them. Here’s How to Do It Better

Are meetings really a waste of time or merely the latest battle cry of those who struggle to make them effective? There's a popular argument that in this day and age, meetings... (contd.)
These people practices are terrifying for companies with traditional, command and control, leadership styles. But they work for Google.

5 Unusual Facts About Google’s Odd (and Wildly Successful) Management Practices

One of the things I truly admire about Google's management approach is that, like the rest of Google, their HR leaders look at real world data to engineer their people practices and guide their decisions.Is it any... (contd.)
Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs had messy desks, just like most other geniuses.

A Messy Desk Is a Sign of Genius, According to Science

The desk was invented around 1,200 AD and while the technology upon it has evolved, the desk itself has remained the same: a flat-surfaced work area accompanied by drawers and cubbies for storage.Today's... (contd.)
Great leaders are constantly growing. Here are some tools for taking your leadership to the next level.

How To Become the Kind of Boss Employees Will Love

For the most part, great leaders evolve. They aren't made in a single moment, and rarely, if ever, is a person born with the knowledge and skill to be a transformative leader.... (contd.)
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If you know the "why" of your procrastinating, you can easily find the "how" to overcome it.

5 Easy Ways to Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination is like a sore throat; it's a symptom with many possible causes. Unless you know the cause, the treatment for the symptom might things worse. This column contains the five most... (contd.)
To convince people they're wrong, you must first explain why they're right.

How to Win Arguments Without Making Enemies

Arguments are inevitable in any human endeavor. Unfortunately, few people know how to argue effectively. As a result, many business meetings waste time and money in pointless squabbling.When confronted with a contrary opinion, unsophisticated people... (contd.)
We all know we should do our best to keep our bodies healthy, so why don't more of us do it?

5 Remarkable Things Eating Healthy Does for You (It’s All Good)

We all know that we should do our best to keep our bodies healthy. A lot of us follow health tips on the internet, engage in more-or-less regular exercise, and aim to consume... (contd.)
Scientists weigh in on why so many people love bullet journals, and whether they actually work.

The Science Behind Why People Are Going Crazy for Bullet Journals

Awhile back I noticed something strange starting to appear in the feeds of the many productivity bloggers and get-stuff-done gurus I follow. Their blogs and social media accounts were suddenly studded with pretty but... (contd.)
It can be as simple as "No Relationships - No Business"!

The 7 Relationships Billionaires Commit To Every Day

Good business is nothing but a set of positive & productive relationships all bundled together. Create more, better and deeper relationships than the next guy and you just might have a business.What kind of relationships are we talking... (contd.)
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