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The Simple Secret to Building a Great Relationship With Your Boss

What do developers/programmers expect from their manager/supervisor? originally appeared on Quora - the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.Answer by Edmond Lau, Author of The Effective Engineer, on Quora: Everyone... (contd.)
A recent article in The New York Times gives an inaccurate view of entrepreneurs and their typical behavior.

Not All Entrepreneurs Are Rebels, Rule Breakers, or Disruptors

Once again, there's a newspaper article that explains what entrepreneurs are like. And once again, the entrepreneurs rolled out as exhibits are Travis Kalanick, Martin Shkreli, and Parker Conrad. The omission of Mike Cagney and Elizabeth... (contd.)
The first generation of digital natives are entering the workforce, and are bringing their own rules. Are you ready?

6 Things You Need to Know About the Gen Z Generation Before You Hire Them

Have you recently adjusted to having Millennials around your office? Well, don't get too comfortable. Gen Z (born 1995 - 2012) is about to descend on your company, and they have their... (contd.)
Your network is no good if you don't actively engage with the people in it. Here's how to maintain those connections and add value to people's lives.

4 Ways to Build a Professional Network That Has Staying Power

Building a network with staying power is essential in any career. When you are able to establish trust among a large contingent of professionals, their faith in you becomes a secret weapon in your... (contd.)
I've rarely worked more than 30 hours a week and I'm doing all right, thank you very much.

How I Became Successful By Mostly Goofing Off

In previous columns, I've explained why working long hours is both counter-productive and bad for your health. After a certain point (around 52 hours a week on average), most people start making mistakes and bad decisions.For me... (contd.)
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Flat structures, research shows, can create more functional teams.

Rethink Hierarchy in the Workplace

By Dylan Walsh | Stanford Business contributorDefined hierarchy. Commanding leadership. These corporate ligaments secure firms in the face of threats and unify them against competition. Few beliefs are more widely held in... (contd.)
When it comes to his company SpaceX, Elon Musk knows the wisdom of the saying, "practice makes perfect."

Elon Musk Just Released An Epic Blooper Reel Of Rocket Failures

I grew up during the Space Race -- when we were locked in a competition with the Soviet Union to be the first in space, then the first in orbit around the... (contd.)
It's great to be busy, but not if your team burns out.

What to Do When Everyone’s Overworked–And There’s a Lot More Work

The pressure's on. You've just signed five new clients. You've received the largest order in the company's history. You're launching a brand new product line. Whatever it may be, everyone in the office... (contd.)
A major strategy overhaul is underway on Amazon Studios.

Jeff Bezos Wants Amazon to Make the Next ‘Game of Thrones’

A strategy overhaul is underway at Amazon Studios, and it comes all the way from top brass including CEO Jeff Bezos, according to a new report from Variety.This week, Amazon unexpectedly killed the second season of “Z: The... (contd.)
Gen Z entrepreneurs know that when you work for yourself, you set your own educational requirements and attainment goals.

Learn Why Top Gen Zers Are Skipping School to Become Entrepreneurs

Something amazing is happening with Gen Z: 61% of Gen Z who are still in high school and 43% of Gen Z who are in college say they would rather be entrepreneurs than employees when they... (contd.)
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