Think outside the office box.

Camilla is a freelance writer from Southern Italy who has lived in China and Jordan, working for local magazines and corporate blogs. Having majored in literature and communications, she has found the 'sweet spot' in business writing, satisfying her curiosity and fascination with social entrepreneurship. She is always looking for new places to explore and great food to indulge in.
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There are good ideas, and there are great ideas. But it’s who works on them and with who that makes the difference between the two. 

Based on this premise, various communal spaces have flourished all over MENA, disrupting traditional workplace models and feeding the region’s unique entrepreneurial drive. 

Amman, the capital of the ‘Hashemite Kingdom of Innovation,’ has not been immune to it.

Whether you are a digital nomad who ended up in the Middle East’s city of seven hills, or a self-employed chap seeking change from the dull monotony of the office—these (very) cool co-working spaces are for you.

Oasis 500

Oasis 500 is a testament to the widespread support that Jordan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem enjoys. 

Located in King Hussein Business Park, a high-quality landmark complex originally established as the administrative headquarters of the Jordanian Army and eventually turned into a compound with a bold business mission, no entrepreneur in the Kingdom is a stranger to this blooming oasis.

 Oasis500 is best known for being a startup accelerator but is also a mecca for startup and growth-minded companies in need of utilities and active mentorship. Its statement is clear: it’s the sense of community to breed creativity in its many forms.


Gone are the days when “workplace” was a synonym for loneliness and isolation. ZINC, which stands for Zain Innovation Campus, is a colorful open-air space that vaguely reminds the aesthetics of Silicon Valley.

The area taps into the immense potential of the King Hussein Business Park and offers a holistic entrepreneurial experience built around the concept of collaboration.

Eased access to video conferencing facilities, resources and knowledge makes it the ideal venue for workshops and networking events, such as the famous TechTuesdays.

Since its opening, the hub has acted as a massive push for local economies, providing early-stage companies with all the necessary to unlock their creative juice, mature a strong identity and realize scalable business models.

The Tank

Inside Amman's 2017 co-working spaces Think outside the office box.

Picture this: It’s Thursday morning and you are overwhelmed by assignments, yet your place is a constant source of distractions. 

Desperate for a way out, a projection of your favorite couch where you can also focus and get things done? Look no further. 

Inside King Hussein Business Park’s Grow building, just the same where ZINC is located, there’s a place where you can make the most of your productivity while indulging in absolute comfort and friendliness. 

If you are in this neck of the woods, give it a try—you may want to come back again. This design-oriented environment can also easily be transformed into events, informative sessions, workshops, and events of any kind.


There is a thin line between the office, a cafe…and home! Perhaps bearing this in mind, Zaidoun Karadsheh wanted his cafe to change the preconceived ideas around the work experience. 

MindHub is a warmly lit, dynamic yet relaxing place whose casual vibes make it perfect for social outings, business lunches, and everything in between. High-speed Internet and a delicious and diverse menu form the secret sauce of this work-and-chill place, which certainly deserves credit for sparking a trend in the capital. 

Each table of the two-floor 100% smoke-free (Yes!) area is equipped with power outlets and USB chargers. Last, the experimental project has some interesting plans up its sleeve, including mentoring sessions and awareness workshops to be hosted soon.


The name of this little gem (‘space’ in Arabic) speaks for itself. Located in the hip quarter of Jabal Amman, Hayyez is a collaborative studio that aims to attach a new meaning to the concept of space by breaking down boundaries and encouraging empathy among Jordan’s tight-knit community of artists. 

To accommodate the work lives of such creative industries, Hayyez’s offer includes 24/7 access to a dedicated desk or private office for individuals and small teams, the Internet, and a communal break area. And besides, you won’t ever take the risk of running out of coffee!