Votek’s Arabic speech recognition technology is behind a toy that is bringing back the fun in learning Arabic.

Meet Loujee, The Million Dollar Toy From Votek Bringing Back the Fun In Learning Arabic

Stories of people who are fleeing their home countries to escape economic uncertainty and conflict have sadly become all too common these days, especially in the Arab world. The Syrian Civil War and... (contd.)
JadoPado the new Noon?

UPDATED: Is The Old The New

Update: Post the publishing of this article, a statement to Reuters confirmed that a tech fund led by the Emaar Properties chairman Mohamed Alabbar had acquired JadoPado.It was further confirmed, as per... (contd.)
UK Lebanon Tech Hub Launches The Nucleaus

Beirut’s Aspiring Entrepreneurs Get A Brand New Accelerator Program To Tap Into

Beirut-based UK Lebanon Tech Hub is launching The Nucleus, an accelerator program that is aimed at helping idea- and early-stage Lebanese startups build marketable products within three months.Early-stage firms can submit applications... (contd.)
Sheraa ties up with Crescent

Sheraa Teams Up With Badr Jafar’s Crescent Enterprises To Push Social Entrepreneurship

Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (Sheraa)—a launch pad for aspiring entrepreneurs in Sharjah and the UAE, has formed a strategic partnership with Crescent Enterprises, as part of its efforts to supporting the growth of... (contd.)

Tourism In The Time Of Conflict: Yemeni Island Of Socotra Is Open To Travelers

Abu Dhabi-based airline Rotana Jet has resumed chartered flights to the Socotra, helping to sow the seeds of a tourism economy in the beguiling Yemeni island.The desert island, off the coast of war-torn... (contd.)
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Most small businesses don't survive beyond the five year mark. If you want to be in it for the long haul, set yourself up for success.

These Aren’t Survival Tips. 5 Ways to Actually Thrive in Your New Business

If you've ever considered launching a business, you've probably heard the the alarming statistics and failure rate of small businesses in America. Fortunately, they're not really as bad as they sound.According to... (contd.)
What inspires an investor to action isn't the ask; it's the story you tell.

3 Powerful Stories Your Startup Could Use In Its Next Pitch

By Ajay Yadav, CEO of Roomi.When I walked into my first pitch meeting, I was convinced I'd leave with a check. I opened up my laptop, blew through my PowerPoint slides, and... (contd.)
You, of course, want to be a supportive investor - but sometimes this is easier said than done.

The Biggest Question Faced By VCs: What To Do About A Struggling Startup?

What are the two biggest problems for venture capitalists? originally appeared on Quora - the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.Answer... (contd.)
Mike Tyson Academy

Mike Tyson Academy To ‘Make Boxing Big Again’ In The Region?

Mike Tyson's new boxing endeavor in the UAE could reawaken the sport in the MENA region, said Patricia Colombo- Beyeler, business development director at the Mike Tyson Academy."The history of boxing is... (contd.)
Take time to ensure that your earliest hires fit your company culture.

How To Build A Better Startup Team

Even in the biggest, most stable corporations, putting together a small team can be a perilous process fraught with personality clashes, hierarchical imbalances, and conflicting visions.But in a startup, the challenge of... (contd.)
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