These three questions will help you figure out if entrepreneurship is for you or not.

Dreaming Of Launching Your Own Business? You Better Ask Yourself These 3 Questions First

Don't start your own company. I'm an entrepreneur, and yes, that's the advice I would give to other entrepreneurs. I'm not trying to be a jerk. Let's just face reality for a... (contd.)
If you manage your expectations, you can build a strong relationship that'll help your venture be successful.

5 Best Practices to Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Startup Advisor

If you could advance your startup's chances for success by improving your business relationships, would you start today? How well you advance in your business venture largely comes from building a relationshipwith the person who can help... (contd.)

There’s A New Fund For Innovative Jordanian Startups And It’s Worth Almost $100 Million

The World Bank has signed a pact with the Jordanian Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation to provide a loan worth $50 million to set up the Innovative Startups Fund.The Central Bank... (contd.)
B2B distributors have historically lagged in innovating, leaving the door wide open to the likes of Amazon and Alibaba, along with a wave of startups.

This $8 Trillion Industry Is About to Get Disrupted

Having long operated in the last century, the massive market for business goods is finally experiencing disruption and being innovated into a more modern version of itself. Leading the way is Amazon's e-commerce platform,... (contd.)

Meet The Nutritionists Trying To Disrupt Food Delivery For Your Good

Health and convenience don’t typically go hand in hand. When we talk about fast food and ordering in, we don't typically associate it with food that is necessarily good for those of... (contd.)
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What measures should a new, privately owned enterprise put in place at the outset, so that they practice good governance even after they become big?

For Strong Leadership When Your Company Gets Big, Do These 3 Things While It’s Still Small

What measures should a new, privately owned enterprise put in place at the outset, so that they practice good governance even after they become big? originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share... (contd.)
Sheraa open for second cohort

Sharjah’s Sheraa Is Now Inviting Startups For Its Second Cohort

Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (Sheraa), a Sharjah-based accelerator, is now inviting entrepreneurs from within the UAE and overseas for its second cycle.Early-stage ventures that wish to use Sharjah as a launch pad to... (contd.)
Check out the best ideas from Hubspot's #SummerStartup Competition

6 Startup Pitches That Prove You Can Sell Your Idea in 25 Words or Less

Hubspot launched the #SummerStartup competition, a contest offering anyone $100,000 and the opportunity to quit their job and start their own business.The marketing corporation invited the public to pitch their business ideas... (contd.)
A great CFO is much more than a spreadsheet wrangler -- they help set corporate strategy, manage resources, and bring the CEO's vision to life.

The 1 Thing to Do If You Want to Grow Your Startup Quickly: Hire a CFO

What is the most common reason start-ups die? They run out of cash. In a steady, predictable business, it may seem like a simple thing to create a financial plan and stick to it. But start-ups are... (contd.)
Todd Wilms, VP of Marketing for MOVE Guides, shares his experience about the differences between startups and enterprise marketing

Startup vs. Enterprise Marketing: Not So Different After All?

The common wisdom around the web is that everything about marketing - from the tactics to the ethos and beyond - is different when you're working for a startup versus an enterprise company.That's... (contd.)
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