Who Next In Qatar – Modaris Is Connecting Qatari Students With Tutors In Real Time

Young innovators from across the region took the stage to make their pitch for most innovative startup in Qatar at the Qitcom technology conference in Doha last month.Top entrepreneurs shaking up Qatar’s ecosystem battled... (contd.)
This isn't a poker game

You Don’t Have To Go All-In To Be A True Entrepreneur

Skimming through all these thrilling covers of business magazines and reading all these headlines on business websites about the most successful entrepreneurs, you get a feeling that entrepreneurship - to be more... (contd.)
StEP 2017 innovationsvideo

Meet The Three Startups Who Won It Big At Step Conference 2017

STEP Conference 2017 saw industry leaders from technology, e-commerce, and investment sectors converge at the Dubai International Marine Club from April 5-7.But it also saw many 2017 many startups, out of which three... (contd.)
Cashbasha is paving the way for international e-commerce in emerging markets

Meet The Startup That’s Changing The Rules of E-Commerce In Jordan

Fouad Jeryes has a cosmopolitan upbringing, innate charisma, and a prolific entrepreneurial spirit. Having been born and brought up in Boston for the first seven years of his life, he and his family... (contd.)
The motivations and bloopers of people creating startups seem to be quite similar across cultures.

9 Lessons I’ve Learned From Startup Failures

What are the most important things you can learn from a failed startup? originally appeared on Quora - the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and... (contd.)
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Mind Rockets wins Seedstars Public Vote

Meet The MENA Startup That Was The Public’s Darling At Seedstars Summit 2017

MENA startups led the field in both interest and winnings at the Seedstars Summit 2017, which ran from April 5-6 in Lausanne, Switzerland, picking up two key awards.A total of nine startups... (contd.)
Think you're ready to be your own boss? Answer these 6 questions to see if you're truly prepared.

6 Questions To Answer Before Starting A Business

Several times each month, I find myself speaking with what Mark Cuban would call a "wantrepreneur." These entrepreneurs-in-the-making haven't yet made the leap, but have dreams of hanging their own shingles and... (contd.)
Bahrain allows LLPs

Bahrain Shows The Gulf How To Go Beyond The Free Zones

Businesses in Bahrain can now operate as limited partnerships even if they are based outside free zones, as per a new legislation.The Investment Limited Partnership Law was passed by Bahrain’s parliament last... (contd.)
If you're launching a startup in an emerging industry then consider this advice on helping to build a category for your product.

Want Your Startup To Succeed? Build A New Category

One thing every successful startup has in common is category domination. While there's no "silver bullet" for launching a successful startup, creating a new product category will put your company on the... (contd.)
Inc. Arabia Ecommerce launches

A Mall For The World Which Is Not Really A Mall Comes To The Gulf

E-commerce platform MallfortheWorld has said consumers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar will now have access to more than 150 US retailers through its app.MallfortheWorld’s cross-platform app will launch in other... (contd.)
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