When dreaming of the day you start your own business, it's not always clear when it's time to turn your fantasy into reality.

9 Clear Cut Signs You’re Ready to Be Your Own Boss

Becoming an entrepreneur involves the right combination of knowledge, opportunity and mindset. You want to make sure enough pieces of the puzzle are in place to give your new venture the best chance... (contd.)

Meet The Digital Docs Trying To Fix Healthcare Delivery In Doha

Dell. Dropbox. Microsoft. Facebook. Google. Napster. Reddit. Snapchat. Wordpress. Even Yahoo!, that old favorite. Do you know what all of these companies have in common? Nope, it is not that they all... (contd.)

Creative Startups Just Found A New Home In Dubai

Dubai-based Tecom Group has unveiled an incubator targeting startups in the design space, it said in a statement.  It will be the third incubator under Tecom's in5 network. The incubator, to be located at... (contd.)
Souq launches grocery store

Here Is’s Biggest Step Towards Replacing Your Neighborhood Store

Middle Eastern e-commerce major has launched its online hypermarket in a bid to broaden its operations, it said in a statement. The new platform, christened as Souq Superstore, offers a wide range... (contd.)
You will panic at some point, and that's okay, as long as your panic motivates you.

Panic, Control, and Why I Love Being an Entrepreneur

About a year and a half ago I quit a six-figure job, gave up a pretty sweet office space and a lot of perks, and decided to make it on my own.At... (contd.)
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Doha and Paris ink deal to suppot tourism startups

Qatari Tourism Startups To Get A Leg Up With New French Deal

Qatar Business Incubation Centre (QBIC) has signed a pact with Paris&Co, the economic development, and innovation agency of Paris, to incubate and accelerate tourism startups, it said in a statement. The agreement allows... (contd.)
It happened again: You ran out of gas right in the middle of the preparation of a delicious meal you had been planning the whole week.

This Jordanian App Will Deliver Gas Cylinders On-Demand Right to Your Home

It happened again: You ran out of gas right in the middle of the preparation of a delicious meal you had been planning the whole week.So what now? As you may... (contd.)
Manage your team to properly set expectations and minimize the effects of success and failure.

4 Ways to Help Your Team Weather the Startup Storm

You've heard it many times before - "Startups are hard." There are numerous ups and downs along the path. Customer wins and customer losses are just part of the game. Rejections from... (contd.)
Startups often face major problems as they shake up industries, but these problems can be managed by implementing the following solutions.

How Lucrative Startups Can Avoid Disruption as They Grow

In his popular TED Talk filmed earlier this year, Adam Grant--New York Times best-selling author of Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World--leads with a shocking admission."Seven years ago, a student came to... (contd.)

Here Is An 8-Step Approach To Making The Perfect Investor Pitch

As a startup or medium business owner, there are times when you need to raise money from investors—either VCs or angels. What is the best way to approach a VC? Is there... (contd.)
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