Crusading for a vegan cause.

Hana is a journalist from Lebanon, who has worked in her home country and in the UAE for the likes of Fortune Arabia and Arabian Business. Naturally curious, she took her English Literature degree into the world of business journalism nine years ago, and found out that she could actually get paid for it. Entrepreneurship, innovation, and the courage to try are at the core of her writing.

Part of “May I Have Your Attention Please” featured in the Summer Issue of Inc. Arabia. These are the men and women who have YouTubed, tweeted, ‘grammed, snapped and vine’d their way to sparking dialogues, decimating stereotypes and taking the perfect foodgram in 2016. Double tap this story to read how they are breaking into Arab Internet culture, via your phone screens, one like at a time.

Ghanim Al Sulaiti

Country: Qatar • Age: 24 • Platform: Instagram • Handle: @ghanim92Followers: 13k • Favorite App: Instagram

Saying you’re a vegan in Qatar doesn’t resonate well with people. This is what Ghanim Al Sulaiti found out shortly after he decided to tread the road less traveled of veganism and adopt a healthier lifestyle three years ago. With a shortage of options in his home country, Al Sulaiti started exploring the world, visiting remote villages that are passionate about healthy food. Soon, the young vegan started documenting his travels on Instagram and on his blog. But, when faced with fierce skepticism back in his hometown, he decided to take on a more serious approach to raising awareness around veganism in Doha.

“What we are doing in the GCC is not our tradition. It’s not what our ancestors did. I felt responsible for getting  the word across. I wanted to inspire people.” While keeping his daytime job as a tunnel engineer working on the Doha Metro project, Al Sulaiti has been working on Evergreen Organics, Doha’s first vegan shop offering plant-based meals which will launch this August. You will also find him touring schools and teaching youth how to eat from the earth. “Eating healthy makes you balanced and genuinely happy and that is the feeling that I want to share with my community.”

Do’s & Don’ts:

  • Don’t overdo it
  • Use it wisely
  • Stay true to yourself
  • Don’t disrespect your audience
  • Have a purpose

How I stay relevant

Social media needs to have a purpose, an intention, and an ethos. If you stick to that, you will always be relevant to the people who believe in you.