Huffington takes a page out of Steve Jobs' book.

Staff Writer

Black, navy or grey suit? That’s all a guy needs to decide as he picks out what to wear to a business meeting or presentation.

Different story for women. It takes time to put together a great outfit. It’s also expensive to create a variety-filled wardrobe. Not to mention energy-sucking. Decision fatigue and wardrobe anxiety are real.

Find a stand-out piece that fits well, and you can only wear it so often before people start to notice. Arianna Huffington’s response to that predicament: Who cares?

The CEO and founder of Thrive Global has found a way to save herself time, energy and money every time she picks out something to wear. She repeats outfits, and she’s not shy about it. Huffington doesn’t have any time to waste. So when she finds a dress or outfit she likes, she drops it into her rotation. It cuts down the time deciding what to wear.

Embracing the #repeats

Scroll through Huffington’s Instagram feed, and you’ll see a black-and-white patterned dress makes frequent appearances. She’s wearing it when she’s speaking on stage at the BOLD MindBody conference. When she accepts a gift from Saudi energy minister H.E. Khalid Al Falih. And when she poses with actress and model Jaime King. The dress works for all occasions. She even hashtags them #repeats.

“Men have a competitive advantage,” said Huffington said when speaking about this at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit last month. “They don’t have to waste the kind of energy we waste.”

Of course, a this isn’t at all a new concept. Everyone’s well-familiar with the black turtleneck uniform that Steve Jobs made famous. But for women, there’s social stigma with wearing the same thing over and over. Especially if it’s something recognizable. That’s the whole reason Rent the Runway exists. It started with renting designer evening-wear, but the site now offers options to rent workwear and even maternity clothing.

Huffington isn’t buying it. If men can repeat outfits without judgment, why can’t women? Instead of filling your closet with just-OK dresses to avoid repeats, Huffington makes a case for paring down your selection to a few that you really love.