Constantly checking and responding to email increases stress and decreases productivity. Stop the vicious cycle and gain control over your inbox, once and for all.

3 Email Hacks That Will Give You Your Life Back

During a recent lunch meeting, my friend's phone vibrated at least half a dozen times, pulling her away from our conversation for a quick glance at her inbox. Our short time together... (contd.)
They used to just be trendy, catchy, and generally annoying ways of saying things at work. Now they are recognized as official expressions in the Merriam-Webster and Oxford dictionaries.

6 Business Buzzwords Have Just Been Added To The Dictionary

Recently, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary and the Oxford English Dictionary came out with new listings of official words.As someone who has an admittedly unhealthy obsession with business buzzwords, I couldn't help but wonder... (contd.)
Worried workspace updates are too expensive? Here are a few easy and inexpensive updates that could help improve your bottom line.

5 Small Workspace Updates Every Business Should Make Now

There's no shortage of research linking your office environment to a satisfied and happy workforce. When employees are happy, productivity increases. When they aren't, work rate takes a nose dive.According to one... (contd.)
Learn simple ways to get more referrals for your business.

How To Ask for Referrals That Help Grow Your Business

How did you find your dentist? Your doctor? A babysitter for your kids? The chances are strong that you do business with someone who a friend recommended. More than any other type... (contd.)
People say the darnedest things in their emails.

5 Difficult And Uncomfortable Things You Should Never, Ever Put In Your Emails

Email is taking a lot of flak lately. And why not? We're inundated with it. It's cold and impersonal. People abuse it passive-aggressively for their own political agendas. And it can be --to... (contd.)
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The most successful people I know live by this simple phrase.

The 4-Word Question All Highly Successful People Ask

California has its share of famous streets: Sunset Strip, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Boulevard. But for entrepreneurs, the most famous is Sand Hill Road. Lining this stretch of asphalt outside Menlo Park are... (contd.)
... and four other tricky work questions.

My Boss Wants Me To Do My Co-Worker’s Job

Editor's note: columnist Alison Green answers questions about workplace and management issues -- everything from how to deal with a micromanaging boss to how to talk to someone on your team... (contd.)
Have a business? You'll want to hear this.

The 1 Mistake That Keeps Businesses From Being Sold

So you've built a business, and now it's time to exit. You want to sell. Maybe you want to do something different--or maybe you're ready to hang up the gloves and take... (contd.)
Brutal truths on why you keep on getting in the way of your dreams.

10 Reasons Why You Haven’t Fulfilled Your Potential

You're frustrated that you aren't where you think you should be in life. With your career, your family, your bank account, and you can't put your finger on the problem. You just... (contd.)
Fear of putting yourself 'out there' will hold you back.

Feeling Shy? Here’s One Confidence-Boosting Solution To Marketing Your Business Online

I know what I should do to market by business and yet still hold back on taking the next logical step. I send cold emails, LinkedIn InMail, Facebook ads, Google AdWords, or... (contd.)
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