Social media helps PR fulfill a more nuanced role by helping with relationship management, identifying brand threats, and engaging influences.

5 Ways You Should Be Using Social Media as Your Top PR Platform

Back in the day, public relations professionals would give a statement on air, release it in print, or publish it online. Social media has disrupted the field, making public relations a faster-paced and more delicate matter.We... (contd.)
You're not competitive enough, that's the problem.

The Market Is Too Saturated? Here’s Why That’s The Dumbest Phrase In Business, Ever

Whenever I hear someone say, "The market is too saturated. We won't be successful," I shake my head. I groan under my breath. Catch me in the right moment, and I'll get heated.I... (contd.)
The next big thing always starts out looking like nothing at all

3 Technologies You Need To Start Paying Attention To Right Now

At any given time, a technology or two captures the zeitgeist. A few years ago it was social media and mobile that everybody was talking about. These days it's machine learning and... (contd.)
You cannot forget these critical components when preparing your new product strategy.

What You Must Do To Thrive When Your Product Launches

Okay, so you're new product has hit the market. You've survived rounds of funding, startup setbacks, your team is solid, and now you're ready to implement your growth strategy. Wait, you are ready to... (contd.)
An employee's worth is often based on how much they contribute to the company, but the new wave of thinking highlights that organizations must also contribute back to employees.

How To Develop The Future Employee

It used to be that being an employee was a fairly well-defined process: people joined a company and stayed with that organization for their entire career, working their way up the ladder... (contd.)
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It pays to build the ark before the storm

This Simple Mathematical Rule Can Help Your Business Survive for the Long Term

In 1958, a brilliant young mathematician named Benoit Mandelbrot went to work as a researcher for IBM. His first assignment seemed like a straightforward problem, but turned out to be devilishly complex. He was... (contd.)
Your authenticity plays a significant role in employee job satisfaction.

4 Ways To Be A More Authentic Leader–And Why It Matters

As a leader, you probably look to other leaders for tips on how to think and behave in order to be effective and successful in your role. Some leadership skills may come... (contd.)
What do innovators listen to in order to stay on top of their game? Look no further.

4 Podcasts That Inspire Some of Today’s Top Innovators

I love podcasts. Ask anyone. In fact, I've written about them for Inc, extensively, in the past. And yet, as an entrepreneur, I'm always looking for new podcasts that will spark my creative juices. As... (contd.)
Even the most successful businesses today have had to learn from failures. Does your business have the learning culture to keep you in the game?

How to Design a Culture That Values Experiments, Failure, (and Winning in the Long Run)

Aspiring entrepreneurs and new business owners often ask me for a secret formula for success, and they seem surprised when I tell them there isn't one.In my experience, every new business is best handled as... (contd.)
The only "right way" to innovate is to solve a problem that people care about

4 Myths About Innovation That “Gurus” Love To Tell

Go to any innovation conference and you're sure to be amazed. Someone will stand up on stage and show you how to unleash creativity in your organization, develop pathbreaking products and run... (contd.)
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