The 1 Thing You Need to Do to Make Your Freelance Business Wildly Successful

Shortly after I started in the holy pursuit of advice-giving, I was lucky enough to meet a man, Jeff, who had been out on his own for some time.  He offered to... (contd.)

Uber Hopes a New Investment Keeps It Afloat After the First $11.6 Billion

Ride-sharing and self-driving vehicle company Uber reportedly has an impending multi-billion investment from Softbank. But what seems on the surface to be great news looks more like a sign that things are really... (contd.)

Arianna Huffington’s Ingenious Life Hack to Make Mornings Way Less Anxiety-Inducing

Black, navy or grey suit? That's all a guy needs to decide as he picks out what to wear to a business meeting or presentation. Different story for women. It takes time to put together a great... (contd.)

Snapchat’s Big Reversal

Snap has had a tough year.With another poor earnings release in Q3, the company's stock hit new lows last week. Most alarmingly, Snap only added about 4.5 million users.Unfortunately for Snap, it's... (contd.)

Why the Private Sector Will Play a Defining Role in Saving the Planet

I've been a political nerd since childhood. So much so that I went off to Washington DC as a Junior in high school to work for Sen. Strom Thurmond as a Senate Page.... (contd.)
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11 High-Paying Jobs That Are Disappearing

In the future, some jobs will be all but obsolete.And despite the usual trade-off of handsome compensation for valuable skills, interestingly, some of these disappearing jobs are high-paying.By 2026, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a decline... (contd.)

5 Ways to Make a Social Impact in Your Business

Most business owners hope to make a positive difference in the world. To varying degrees, many of them do. However, the drive to build a company that has a direct social impact has led... (contd.)
This isn't an obvious solution, but it seems to be working.

This Famous Company Found an Ingenious, Emotionally Intelligent Way To Improve School Attendance

n Their reasons might vary from "Don't want to" to "Don't feel like it."Sometimes, though, it's because they're feeling ashamed or even being bullied.And sometimes, the reason is both blindingly simple and painful.The... (contd.)
Researchers are now more sure than ever you need to be doing this.

Groundbreaking Harvard Study Finds With Certainty This 1 Exercise Can Help You Live Longer

What's the secret to living a long, healthy life? Scientists have been searching for definitive answers for decades. Many of their findings circle back to the benefits of exercise. Researchers have uncovered evidence... (contd.)
The basic laws of business have not changed

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Bet Your Business On A Platform

Hertz is a nearly 100 year-old business valued at about $2 billion. Uber is an 8 year-old business valued at $50 billion. Marriott is a 90 year-old business, with hotels all over the world, and is valued... (contd.)
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