The world has shifted from one of monotony to one of uncertainty.

There’s No Map Anymore: Career Navigation In The 21st Century

More young people in the workforce change their jobs or careers every few years. What are the reasons for this? Do disadvantages outweigh advantages? originally appeared on Quora - the place to... (contd.)
What is Being Done to Normalize Mental Health.

Mental Health In The Workplace In 2017

Our culture's understanding of mental health has come a long way in recent years. To begin with, "mental health issues" are no longer synonymous with "crazy". As a society, we have come... (contd.)
If you're still not sure how to master your speaking skills, this formula will help you get there.

6 Steps To Mastering Professional Public Speaking

So you are starting up a second--or first--career as a professional speaker. Excellent choice. With cities fighting each other to host professional conventions and trade shows, everyone is looking for speakers to... (contd.)
You don't want to be the person your audience wishes would sit back down. Here's how to supercharge your powers of charisma.

Here’s How To (Literally) Rock Your Presentation

Dull presentations, sermons and lectures are an inevitable part of life. But if you're the one in front of the room you certainly don't want to be the person your audience wishes... (contd.)
We cling dearly to certainty, at virtually any cost--but the cost is often much greater than we realize.

Why You Can’t Innovate

I'll warn you at the outset that what I'm about to share is anything but intuitive. In fact you and I share 200,000 years of programming that often conspires against our intuitive... (contd.)
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Psychology is sometimes too powerful.

3 Dangerously Simple Tricks Being Used To Manipulate Shopping Behavior

First and foremost, I'm not an advocate of manipulating people with selfish ulterior motives, but tactfully planting ideas into the minds of buyers with sincere good intent can be win-win. It motivates... (contd.)
Although a lot of myths have been unfairly attributed to this generation, they actually possess a number of winning traits.

5 Ways Millennials Win At Work (And How You Can Too)

Millennials: the infamous generation of the most opinionated, technologically savvy kids the world has ever seen. Although a lot of myths have been unfairly attributed to this rising generation--such as laziness, short... (contd.)
It can also result in higher work intensity.

The UN Does Not Want You, The Worker, To Work Remotely

Working from home using digital technologies can result in longer working hours, higher work intensity and work-home interference, according to a report by International Labour Organization (ILO). The traditional model of work is... (contd.)
Bid aimed at tarnishing carrier’s image, it says.

So, Oman Air Is Being Given A Serious Headache By A Fake twitter Account

A fake Twitter account has been set up in Oman Air’s name in a bid to damage its image and reputation, it said in a statement. A video clip posted by a citizen... (contd.)
They key is to show a real interest and engage.

3 Ways Anyone Can Access The World’s Best Scientific Research

Take a look at any breakthrough technology and invariably it started out in a lab somewhere, usually decades before any commercial product hits the market. The problem is that, with tens of... (contd.)
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