It's 2017. Be good. Be great.

Bindi Shah is a contributing writer for Inc. Arabia.

Who wouldn’t want the new year to be successful? The idea of 2017 where more goals are achieved, more milestones are recorded, and more success celebrated is universally appealing.

Sometimes, you don’t have to go far to achieve success. A few changes within yourself and your daily routine can help you to go places.

These changes at first glance may seem too small or irrelevant; however, in the overall scenario of things, they could lead to significant changes.

More time at hand, more productivity, more health, more love and more happiness—this is something all of us could do with. Consider adopting these five habits to be on the highway to success

Rise early

Waking up a few hours early could give your day a big headstart. A lot of research has proved that most individuals are most proactive and productive early in the mornings. An early start could help you to get your most important work done before you even reach office.

If you read about the habits of any achiever/ successful person, you will most likely find that he/she wakes up early. If you always start your day after 7 am, you will always feel like you have so much catching up to do with the world. An incremental improvement in your wake-up time will help to cultivate this habit.

Listen patiently

Try to sense people’s feelings: Life isn’t only about you and your needs. An excellent way to building great relationships is to listen quietly, carefully and trying to sense the other person’s feelings and emotions.

Listening to mere words doesn’t help. You must learn to hear the tone of the conversation, body language and interpret the under-currents. This can be extended to the realm of business by listening to your customers and employees. This will help you to grow in many ways.

Invest time in self-development

Development of your intellect and self through constant reading and learning is critical to moving ahead in life. Take the time to read; reading opens up several perspectives and helps to brush your mind against those of great authors. You can even enroll in lifelong learning courses that are designed for professionals from different walks of life. A simple skill-building workshop could also add value.

Engage in physical activity

Good health is the key to doing everything else well. Engaging in a physical activity routine such as a walk or a gym workout can help you go a long way in maintaining physical and mental fitness. Yoga and meditation also help to calm the mind. It could even be fun to join a team sport such as football or volleyball. Sometimes, it can be as simple as doing a chore on foot and helping yourself stay active.

Express gratitude and give back

This is one of the most important things to be successful. Expressing gratitude allows you to see the positivity in your life and other people.

When you feel happy and content, you push yourself to achieve more. This will also help you to take account of life’s small blessings. It is also important to attach yourself to a cause that you believe in and give back to society in some way. By doing so, you will feel that life has arrived full circle.

Make 2017 a rocking year!