Taking your work home with you? You have nothing on the entrepreneurs working with family.

Camilla is a freelance writer from Southern Italy who has lived in China and Jordan, working for local magazines and corporate blogs. Having majored in literature and communications, she has found the 'sweet spot' in business writing, satisfying her curiosity and fascination with social entrepreneurship. She is always looking for new places to explore and great food to indulge in.

Part of our “Better Together” Photo Story series, featured in the February 2017 issue of Inc. Arabia. Insider stories from sibling and spouse pairs in the MENA Region that co-run companies; and the good and bad that comes with running a family business. 

N Products

Nour Nsheiwat and Nabil Haddad – Amman, Jordan-based Couple

Since they moved to their open-plan apartment in Jabal Amman a few years ago, colleagues Nabil Haddad and Nour Nsheiwat have been building their extravagant venture upon their romance —one piece at a time. Today, N products produces ethically-made home-goods out of forgotten items, combining the plain beauty of raw materials with a touch of Levantine vintage design.

NOUR: Nabil and I were both working at IKEA when we realized that we were in love with each other. After initial fears, that a romantic relationship would interfere with our well-established careers, we decided to tie the knot and move in together. But it was not until we started looking for some nice low-priced home furniture for ourselves that we realized how incredibly hard this task was. So we began to tinker around with some handmade furniture, which our family and friends were surprisingly enthusiastic about. In a matter of a few weeks, my spouse and I were selling our own items without even planning to do so. A deal with suppliers and craftsmen made the rest. It was May 2015, our wedding anniversary!

NOUR: It’s probably thanks to our symbiotic relationship that we are slowly but steadily gaining the trust of design lovers in this part of the world. Besides feeling deeply connected on an emotional level as a couple, Nabil and I are also mutually encouraged by each other’s professional strengths in so many ways.

NABIL: Though some people still wonder who is the brain and who is the muscle behind our creations! The answer is quite simple. As an interior designer, Nour relies on her imaginative modes to translate the unleashed potential of everyday things into beautiful, functional ways. I’m the more pragmatic of the two. So my role kicks in when it comes to choosing materials and delivering items.

NOUR: We are really happy with how things have gone so far, especially after our minimal wooden winter collection was a big success last Christmas. We believe we will have the capacity to reach more people in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the MENA region as we launch our web-shop in April. With what we have learnt from our mistakes and after the amazing mentorship we received at Enpact we are also aiming to double our revenue, which last year accounted for JOD10,000.

Photograph by: Lindsey Leger