New factors determine whether or not consumers stay with brand in 2017.

How To Build Brand Loyalty in Customers In 2017

Generally speaking, technology tends to make things better and faster than they were in the past. One possible exception to this can be found in data on brand loyalty and customer retention.... (contd.)
Most people aren't expert LinkedIn users, so learning how to use the platform effectively gives you an edge in your job search.

7 Secrets To Make the Most Of Your LinkedIn Profile

Has LinkedIn helped you get a job? If so, do you have any tips? originally appeared on Quora - the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others... (contd.)
Study looked at money laundering, cybercrime, among others.

This Is Why Economic Crime Remains A Tough Nut To Crack In Middle East

Despite efforts by countries in the Middle East to combat economic crime, it remains as tough to tackle, according to PwC’s Global Economic Crime Survey. Nearly three-fourths of all economic crime committed in... (contd.)
Working with international clients can pose some uncertainties. If your business has international clients, use these 5 best practices to manage them like a pro.

Going Global: 5 Best Practices for Businesses Working with International Clients

Marketing Zen has always been a company dedicated to the idea of a global village. As a digital agency with employees joining the virtual office from many different countries, we're keenly aware... (contd.)
Regardless of whether you're an entrepreneur or not, your personal brand is the key to building fruitful relationships.

What A Quest To Find The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Can Teach You About Personal Branding

Building a personal brand isn't easy. There's a reason why many entrepreneurs don't have one... It can't be outsourced.However, having a personal brand gives you an incredible connection with your audience. Why?... (contd.)
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The #1 required skill for today and the future is community building because no one will accomplish much anymore by themselves.

7 Things You Have To Do To Build A Powerful Community

Every company is its own community. Each one also has a place in the bigger picture. They may support, supplement, build, augment, or maybe just co-exist with others. While a corporate "live... (contd.)
These missteps that have the tendency to make even really smart people stumble. Learn them before they tempt you into looking bad.

6 Reasons Smart People Fail

Most businesses are run by highly intelligent people, and when businesses fail it's usually due to these smart leaders' boneheaded mistakes. Even when a product--or lack of one--is at the center of... (contd.)
In every interaction, you want to add reciprocal value so you're working toward a mutually beneficial proposition.

How I Manage A Large Network Spanning Two Industries

How's this for a reality check? Eighty percent of job openings are never opened to the public. They're filled from within the company or the recruiter's network. That means you better be... (contd.)
Like it or not, others make snap judgements about you all the time. Here's how to make sure they're good ones.

12 Tips On How To Make A Great First Impression, According To Executives

Whether it's a sales call, an interview, or chance meeting with someone you want to know better, there are things you can do to leave a positive and lasting first impression. Check... (contd.)
An Ivy League Lebanese-American, Zeina Saab on how she gained her social enterprise - Nawaya Network - regional and global recognition.

How I Did It: Zeina Saab On Helping At-Risk Arab Youth

Part of our “How I Did It” series, featured in the January 2017 issue of Inc. Arabia. Insider stories from from some of the Middle East & North Africa’s most innovative companies; and the grit... (contd.)
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