How Startups Are Using Facebook to Find More Diverse Job Candidates

In 2014, several major technology employers in Silicon Valley, including Google, Facebook and Twitter, began reporting on the diversity of their workforce. Two years later, 33 tech companies gathered at the White House, pledging to "recruit, retain... (contd.)

Einstein Made a Big Mistake Late in His Career That Limited His Potential. Here’s How to Avoid It

Like many innovative thinkers in tech today, Einstein achieved success by stubbornly pushing back against industry norms and rejecting long-held conventions. But also like many of today's innovative thinkers, he struggled to maintain... (contd.)

7 Signs Someone Isn’t Really An Influencer

Marketing is a game of mirrors.Unless you're familiar with the unspoken rules of the Internet, it can be very easy to mistake "industry experts" for people who know how to manipulate other people's lack... (contd.)

6 Ways to Build Rapport With Clients and Colleagues

When working to make your business a success, you want to forge strong relationshipsboth with the members of your team and the client you hope to do business with. But building rapport with new people... (contd.)

5 Ways to Kick Your Technology Addiction

Do you have a friend who can't stop staring at their smartphone? Does this same friend unlock their phone over 60 times a day because of FOMO? Does your friend sometimes feel trapped by... (contd.)
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Why This 4-Letter Word Is the Most Important Trait You Need to Succeed

Have you ever wondered what catapults regular people to the highest levels of success? Is it genius, or a stroke of luck?And, what about the world's smartest people? Why are some of the world's brightest... (contd.)

7 Crucial Things to Know About Bill Gates, Future Presidential Candidate

Another day, and still more evidence that Bill Gates is going to run for president.The latest proof: His recent media tour, including stops on ABC's Good Morning America, CNN, The Ellen DeGeneres Show,... (contd.)

6 Lessons to Improve Your Leadership Skills, From Olympic Coaches

Good managers, in a lot of ways, are like coaches. They teach, they correct, and they support their players (a.k.a., their employees) as they move from one level to the next.So, what better way... (contd.)

How Bad PR Can Kill Your Business (and How to Avoid It)

In the age of social media, the speed at which bad news can spread makes it tough for businesses to manage a crisis. However, it's crucial that your organization have a set plan in place to... (contd.)

Why Good Leaders Look To Share

The fastest way to accumulate things is to take, take, take. You have to fight for your share, and if you don't get it, someone else will, right?Wrong.This is the way bad... (contd.)
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