Realize that no one can stand in your way unless you give them the job of standing in your way.

4 Ways to Advance Your Career When Your Manager is Against You

How can someone develop their career in a company, if they don't have the support of their line manager? originally appeared on Quora - the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering... (contd.)
Saying "sorry" is just the start

To Solve a PR Crisis, Use the Help That You Already Have (and 4 Other Tips)

Bad stuff happens. United Airlines, Wells Fargo, and Samsung- all companies with a significant interface with the public- know this all too well. And when damaging policies or management decisions gone awry... (contd.)
How to maintain a startup culture

4 Ways To Make Your Business Think & Do Like A Startup

When you are starting your own business, the passion and enthusiasm levels are very different—and probably lower than when the startup becomes an established company focusing on data, customer retention, and strategy.If... (contd.)
As we get a month into the second quarter of 2017, it may be a good time to review how you're handling your small business's marketing efforts. Here's how.

Seven Tools to Revolutionize Your Small Business

Marketing technology can often be seen as a black box for a small business, and while marketing tech has been focused heavily on the enterprise, yet companies with less than 500 employees... (contd.)
They were talking business. Loudly. And then....

Two Startup Types Were Being Loud And Rude In A Coffee Shop. What This Man Did To Get Revenge On Them Was Brilliant

Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.Startup types can be annoying.It's not just that they can be full of themselves.... (contd.)
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Partnering Across Generations.

How To Succeed As An Entrepreneurial Senior

Entrepreneurship is often considered to be an activity for the young. Today, with the pictures of the Instagram and Snapchat crowd and young billion-dollar hedge fund managers, there seems to be a... (contd.)
Time + distance = perspective. Here's powerful perspective from leaders looking back on an oft-asked career question.

13 Critical Pieces Of Career Advice Leaders Wish They Got A Lot Earlier

With graduation season upon us, I thought I'd answer the most common question I get from young executives after keynotes I give (other than "Do you give refunds?"):"What do you know now you wish... (contd.)
Read a leadership fable if you don't want to be overburdened with heavy business jargon and over-complicated management ideas.

How Leadership Fables Make You A Better Leader

Can a leadership fable make you a better leader? The short answer is Yes! If you don't want to be overburdened with heavy business jargon and advanced management concepts, a fable can... (contd.)
Before the elevator ride, understand your own pitch.

How To Make Sure Your Business Pitch Is A Strike

Imagine this: You're trapped in a high-rise elevator ride with someone that looks suspiciously like a perfect buyer. What do you do?Well, of course you drop into your "elevator pitch" and proceed... (contd.)
Don't finalize the deal until you think about what you have accomplished and what the future holds.

6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Sell Your Business

When it comes time to sell the business you've put your heart and soul into, you will likely experience some uncertainty mixed in with the excitement. That doesn't mean you aren't ready for this transition,... (contd.)
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