It's time for a change

Here Is A 5-Step Plan For MENA Businesses To Implement Agile Marketing

This is the second article of a two-part series on Agile marketing. Read the first one here. The transition from a non-agile approach to an Agile approach for marketing may require you and... (contd.)
If 2016 was the year of the brand, 2017 will be the year of community as we seek more/better ways to authentically connect with our clients.

Brand Is Out And Social Community Building Is In

I feel like the word I heard most in 2016 was brand. Everything was brand-centric and every brand was focused on branding their brand just right. I even got in on the... (contd.)
Gilmore Girls' lovers around the world sat down these past couple of months to watch the show’s much-awaited return on Netflix over and over again.

9 Things MENA’s Hospitality Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls protagonist, Lorelai Victoria Gilmore, is an attractive woman who is in her mid-thirties when the TV drama started.A larger-than-life character, Lorelai has been lauded mostly for embodying the 'modern' parent, and... (contd.)
Is customer service still a drag on your business? With a few key principles in mind, you can turn it into a customer growth driver.

A Customer Experience Is Not Complete Without Exceptional Support

Customer service has traditionally been a support function to respond to customer initiated requests, meaning someone waits for the phone to ring or for a website support request form.Today's customers definition of... (contd.)
Understand how your target audience navigates the path to purchase. With deep knowledge of your buyer, you'll be able to help lead them on that path.

4 Ways To Chart The Path To Purchase For Customers

Oh, the places your audience will go. When it comes to making a purchase decision, it often seems like customers take the long and winding road to your product. Some brands make... (contd.)
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Getting ahead in business and life is rarely a lucky accident.

5 Traits of the Most Successful Women in Business

hard work, perseverance, tenacity and the right kind of helpful habits. When it comes to succeeding as a woman, a few more things can help. That's according to Amy Vetter, global vice... (contd.)
Why not taking a risk is a risk.

3 Smart Ways to Think and Act Like Elon Musk

Entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk is a lionhearted leader with a strong stomach for risk. He revels in thinking big, from inventing an environmentally friendly car to making space travel a reality.... (contd.)
What is a leader? If you think it’s someone who tells others what to do then you're probably going to want to read this.

Dear MENA Boss, Your Rudeness May Be Costing You More Than You Think

What is a leader? Simply telling people what to do is appropriate in some situations e.g. when there’s a fire, but if you do it all the time then you’re likely to... (contd.)
3 tips for off the charts business growth this year.

How We Became An Industry Leader With Zero Advertising

In five years, I took my business (an award-winning coaching studio) to the top of its industry. My studio helps Hollywood celebrities, world leaders, CEOs, politicians, executives, lawyers, and other industry leaders... (contd.)
Get five powerful lessons in leadership that everyone should know

Want Extraordinary Influence? Take these lessons from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Heart

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was an man who stood for justice in a time of extraordinary opposition. Today, it's easy to listen to his speeches, read his writings and talk... (contd.)
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