Tiberiu Iacomi


Tiberiu Iacomi
A geek at heart and a creative mind, nonetheless. After 9 years of working in market research, PR, data analytics, edtech and entrepreneurship-focused companies in 4 different countries, Tiberiu has gone rogue became the founder and CPO (Chief Probability Observer) (hi, Star Wars fans!) of The Improbable Agency - what he calls a brand & PR agency for challengers and underdogs.
This isn't a poker game

You Don’t Have To Go All-In To Be A True Entrepreneur

Skimming through all these thrilling covers of business magazines and reading all these headlines on business websites about the most successful entrepreneurs, you get a feeling that entrepreneurship - to be more... (contd.)
The ultimate secrets of the digital PR industry

Let’s Talk About A Problem Affecting MENA Startups Today – Digital Burnout

I lack inspiration today so please don’t mind me if I am going to copy paste a series of the paragraphs in this article from other articles that I have written. I... (contd.)
Whether it's the head of HR, IT or finance, everyone in your management team should be selling.

The 5 Hows & Whys Of Getting On The Cover Of Inc. Arabia

There is hunger in the MENA region, especially among entrepreneurs, to bridge the gap separating their business from the perceived success of this in Silicon Valley.This gives way to—in the majority of... (contd.)
An article about shortcuts, quick wins, overnight fallacies in the Middle East

3 Tips And Tricks On How To Avoid The ‘3 Tips And Tricks’

There’s an incredible thirst for knowledge in the Middle East. And it stems from an attitude that has been at the heart of the region—the never-to-be-quenched curiosity of the nomad...the explorer.Nowadays, this ancestral thirst... (contd.)
An article about that blurry concept that somehow has an effect on CAC, CLV, CPC and other acronyms

To Brand Or Not To Brand? Habibi, You Are The Brand!

So, you’re here because you want to discover how to create / what is the value of your startup’s brand. In my first article in this series, I spoke about the Starbucks... (contd.)
Your Culture is your brand

To Brand Or Not To Brand? Habibi, I’m Asking You

I’ll make it simple 'cause we don’t have a lot of time. You’re an entrepreneur who has a to-do list for today longer than 10 mouse scrolls and this article needs to... (contd.)

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