Stephanie d'Arc Taylor


Stephanie d'Arc Taylor
Stephanie d'Arc Taylor has covered Middle Eastern entrepreneurship and business for four years from Beirut, Lebanon, specializing in arts, culture, and the hospitality sector. Follow her on Instagram @zerodarctaylor.
The team behind regional accelerator Flat6Labs tell us what it takes to produce a generation of risk-takers who can take the Arab world forward.

The Flat6Labs Team On What It Takes To Build The Arab World’s Next Generation Of Startups

If you ask the folks behind regional startup accelerator Flat6Labs the hows and whys of them coming so far so, they are likely to tell you, with a wit that seems to... (contd.)
In Lebanon, one organization is working to disrupt the biggest corporate of them all

This Man Wants To Tech The Heck Of Out Of The Syrian Refugee Crisis

Mike Clarke is pumped. “Isn’t it awesome that the UN is involved in something like this?” he says when I introduce myself as a member of the media at the Innovating Response... (contd.)
This incubator wants to solve Lebanon's societal problems

This Incubator Wants To Solve Lebanon’s Social Problems

Everywhere you look it seems there are fresh crises: the ongoing plight of underserved Syrian refugees, piles of garbage on the streets going uncollected for months, chronic electricity cuts and the tyranny... (contd.)
Lebanese Startup ETobb

How This Lebanese Startup Hacked Healthcare In The Arab World

Being nursed by your grandmother and her generations-old home remedies when you’re sick? There’s nothing better. But what about health issues of a more personal nature? Things can get awkward fast when... (contd.)
This Lebanese startup is taking on the online privacy world

This Lebanese Startup Wants To Untangle The Mess You Make With Passwords

Which of these things is not like the others: computer engineering, online identity management, one of Lebanon’s fastest-growing startups, landscape architecture.It’s a trick question. Priscilla Elora Sharuk is both a former landscape... (contd.)
Here is some advice for entrepreneurs

This Lebanese Restauranteur Has 3 Great Tips For Entrepreneurs

In Beirut, land of flashy fast food chains and brash, American-style faux diners, it might come as a surprise that the hottest restaurant in town doesn’t have a sign out front or... (contd.)

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