Shoshana Kedem


Shoshana Kedem
Business Reporter Shoshana knows her way around Europe and the Middle East with a notebook and video camera. She has worked as a multi-media journalist for Channel NewsAsia, Ruptly video news agency, the UN, and most recently, with 7Days in Dubai. She speaks Arabic and English and has degrees in Middle East History and Political Science.
dubai diamond museum

In A Bid To Win Over Millennials, Dubai To Get Arab World’s First Diamond Museum

As young millennials turn their back on all that glitters, one Dubai-based diamond seller believes that with the right retail concept, diamonds will indeed be forever.Fergus Appleton, CEO and owner at Dubai Rocks, is... (contd.)

Who Next In Qatar – Feedeology Is Putting The Finesse In F&B, Via An App

A new app that wants to put an end to long waits in restaurants for seating, placing an order and even paying your bill made its debut at QITCOM in Doha. Feedeology app... (contd.)
New fund to spur innovation and tech Startups announced at the opening of Qitcom in Doha.

Qatar Announces Giant QAR6 Billion Fund For Innovators & Startups

A QAR6 billion fund for tech startups and multinational companies was announced by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Qatar on Monday.The Qatar Smart Nation project, “Tasmu” will help companies develop solutions... (contd.)

9 Things UAE Businesses Need To Know About The Iran Sanctions

Companies in the UAE are being warned against clinching new deals with Iranian counterparts while President Trump threatens to renew sanctions on Iran.UAE companies tied up in business deals with Iran could face jail time, and hundreds... (contd.)

Video: Trump Comes To Dubai…With A Golf Course

The Middle East welcomed the first Trump International Golf course in Dubai on Saturday.The rolling desert course and clubhouse are nestled in the $6 billion Damac Hills community.It was inaugurated at a... (contd.)
Global Trade must be protected from Brexit and Trump, Dubai Summit hears.

Is Globalization Under Threat? In Dubai, World Leaders Say Yes and No

Officials from the UAE and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) defended globalization against the wave of protectionism sweeping the west, at a gathering of global leaders in Dubai this week.President of Senegal Macky Sall also joined in,... (contd.)

Video: The World’s First Drone Taxis Are Coming To Dubai In 2017

The world’s first flying taxis will be introduced in the UAE in July 2017, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced on Monday.The announcement was made to global leaders at the World... (contd.)

Video: 7 Things Christine Lagarde Said At The World Government Summit

Leaders need to be resilient in the age of economic shifts caused by Trump and Brexit, Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund has said.US economy will see economic growth under... (contd.)
New technology driving economic growth around the world. 

How Blockchain Can Kick-Start the UAE’s Startup Economy

Blockchain technology can act as a kick-starter for the UAE's startup ecosystem, by speeding up transactions and better connecting the business community.That is the view of a new report released by tech... (contd.)
GCC Governments Must Harness New Game-changing Technology

Why Blockchain Is Crucial To The Future Of Gulf Economies

Blockchain technology is the key to securing the future of GCC governments as they continue to digitize their services, a report released by tech consulting firm, Booz Allen Hamilton said.The emerging technology, gaining... (contd.)

Here’s What MENA Startups Can Learn From The 1st Brit To Get VC Funding For Space Tech

The commercialization of space has blown the playing field of the multi-billion dollar global space industry—which is expected to grow 8% this year—wide open to private companies, startups, venture capitalists and other high-profile investors.Award-winning space engineer,... (contd.)
New scheme aims to attract talent to the UAE.

The UAE’s New Visa Scheme Could Be Big For Its Emerging Business Ecosystem

A new visa entry system geared towards attracting professional talent to the Emirates was introduced on Sunday.The new scheme will work to boost the global competitiveness of the tourism, health and education sectors,... (contd.)
It's A New Frontier For Entrepreneurs With Big Ideas.

5 Things You Need To Know About The UAE’s Space Project

Space leaders from around the world gathered in Abu Dhabi for the Global Space Congress last week. During the conference, over 600 astronauts, investors, space agency and government officials held talks on the future of the... (contd.)

The UAE’s Foremost Political Expert Says President Trump ‘Values The Gulf’

Leading Emirati academic, Dr. Abdulkhaleq Abdullah, says that talks between US President Donald Trump and Gulf leaders show that Trump favors ties with the GCC.Trump called leaders from Saudi Arabia and the UAE on Sunday,... (contd.)
President of the United States, Donald Trump Speaking at a Press Conference in New York.

This Is How Middle East Leaders (& Airlines) Responded to Trump’s Immigration Order

Leaders throughout the Middle East have responded to an executive order signed off by US President Donald Trump on Friday, limiting entry into the United States for nationals from seven Muslim countries.The new order... (contd.)

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