Shoshana Kedem


Shoshana Kedem
Business Reporter Shoshana knows her way around Europe and the Middle East with a notebook and video camera. She has worked as a multi-media journalist for Channel NewsAsia, Ruptly video news agency, the UN, and most recently, with 7Days in Dubai. She speaks Arabic and English and has degrees in Middle East History and Political Science.
Qatar UAE diplomatic crisis

Gulf Diplomatic Spat – What Is The Larger Economic Impact On Qatar & The UAE?

A diplomatic spat between Qatar and other Gulf states that spiraled out of control on Monday could have a serious economic impact on the peninsular country's residents and citizens in the short... (contd.)
wanna cry cyber security attack

Why WannaCry Didn’t Come Knocking In The GCC

The cyberattack that infected more than 200,000 computers across government, healthcare and private sector companies in about 150 countries will not be the last of its kind, experts told Inc. Arabia.Even so, the... (contd.)

Video: Dubai’s First Police Robot Goes On The Dubai Mall Beat

Dubai’s first 'Robocop' started duty at the Dubai Mall on May 22 and can now be seen greeting shoppers and tourists and patrolling the area.Lieutenant Saeed Al Mazrooei from the Dubai Police... (contd.)

Video: Fresh Off A $41 Million Boost, Fetchr Eyes Deal With Alabbar’s

Dubai-based shipping startup Fetchr is in talks to provide delivery services for the soon-to-be-launched online shopping site“We’re in talks, but nothing’s signed,” Fetchr's Founder and CEO Idriss Al Rifai told Inc., which was... (contd.)
How to get into the DFA and more

6 Ways Your Startup Could Be A Future Maker In Dubai

Jon Bradford, Dubai Future Accelerators advisor and the ‘Godfather of European Accelerators’, has launched nine accelerators from Montreal to Moscow. He and DFA’s first batch of entrepreneurs detail how to get it... (contd.)

Tourism In The Time Of Conflict: Yemeni Island Of Socotra Is Open To Travelers

Abu Dhabi-based airline Rotana Jet has resumed chartered flights to the Socotra, helping to sow the seeds of a tourism economy in the beguiling Yemeni island.The desert island, off the coast of war-torn... (contd.)
Dubai Future Accelerators

Video: Meet The Startups Innovating With (And Within) The Dubai Government

What do we do, when the last barrel of oil is shipped from our shores? When the last drop of oil is sucked out of our sands? These are questions all of... (contd.)
Mike Tyson Academy

Mike Tyson Academy To ‘Make Boxing Big Again’ In The Region?

Mike Tyson's new boxing endeavor in the UAE could reawaken the sport in the MENA region, said Patricia Colombo- Beyeler, business development director at the Mike Tyson Academy."The history of boxing is... (contd.)
Yemen solar panels

How War Is Powering Yemen’s Solar Power Sector

An aerial view of old Sana'a city shows towering, baked-brick rooftops dotted with modern, blue solar panels glittering in the Arabian sun.As the country's central electricity system breaks down, solar panels have become a... (contd.)

How Has The War In Yemen Affected The Country’s Many Businesses?

The International Finance Cooperation (IFC), the financing arm of the World Bank Group, is working to bridge the financing gap left by the break-up of the Yemeni central bank and the exodus of... (contd.)

Who Next In Qatar – Airlift Wants To Use Drones To Navigate Qatar’s E-commerce Market

A new car and drone delivery service that wants to bridge the gap between drivers, customers, and merchants zoomed into Qatar’s logistics sector at QITCOM. The company wants to solve the disconnect between... (contd.)

Who Next In Qatar – Shop On Spot Lets You Go On A Virtual Shopping Spree

Shop On Spot is a  virtual shopping website, which re-imagines e-commerce by building a virtual mall, with real brands in it, that you can access through the website, says Norane Osman, CEO... (contd.)
How prepared is your company in the art of digital defence?

What If Trump, The Tweeter-in-Chief Attacked Your MENA Business On Twitter?

A new frontier in social media has emerged, and given rise to a digital battleground of cyber-bullying, trolling and brand-bashing. At the center of it, US President Donald Trump has weaponized Twitter,... (contd.)
UAE media landscapee

UAE’s English Language Media Industry Goes Into A Meltdown As Closures & Layoffs Rise

The end of 2016 signalled the end of an era for UAE media as 7DAYS, the nation’s only independent, English-language daily newspaper, shuttered its offices, laying off its 125 employees.A few months... (contd.)
dubai rough diamonds

Business Travel: All That Diamond Trade Has Pushed Air India To Launch Surat-Dubai Flights

Trade in the world’s second largest diamond hub is set to boom with the launch of the first flight between Surat in western India and Dubai.The state-owned carrier will launch the new service... (contd.)

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