Reim El Houni


Reim El Houni
Reim El Houni is an award winning Executive Producer and CEO of Ti22 Films, with extensive experience in the worlds of broadcast, corporate media, events and online. Reim worked on several IVCA winning projects and international live broadcasts in the corporate realm before moving to Dubai and creating the first English Language TV show at Dubai One - Out & About. Winner of 10 New York Festival Awards and a Cannes Award, Reim is also the founder of Dubai on Demand a growing lifestyle online presenter led channel. At Ti22 Films Reim consults multinationals, government entities and organisations and supports them with their video requirements.

Why You Should Be Loyal To Your Video Producer

What does any brand want from a strong marketing strategy? They want their audience to understand their brand, to connect with who they are, and ultimately they want those viewers to resonate... (contd.)
The power of going live and why you should care!

When It Comes To Video In 2017, You Need To Get Your Frame Right

We are an impatient people, and it does not get any more impatient than the Middle East. Everyone wants everything yesterday. When it comes to video content, this impatience has gotten exacerbated. It used... (contd.)
If you haven't added video as part of your marketing plan this year, you better get on that.

Here Are The 5 Biggest Video Takeaways From 2016

The new year is always a time of finding a new direction, usually after having reviewed whether or not a company met their KPIs the previous year. As you look back over 2016 and think... (contd.)
Taking the programmatic approach to all that you do

When It’s Video, Personalization Always Works

The media industry loves its buzzwords, and ‘programmatic’ is one buzzing all over the place. But what does it mean and why should you care? It means no more compromises. It means receiving... (contd.)
The effort to create something unique and impactful is not measurable by numbers

Why Businesses In The Arab World Are Measuring Creativity All Wrong

Art and creativity have always been subjective. What some may conceive a masterpiece, others may perceive as child’s play. It is not a cliché—beauty is literally in the eye of the beholder.... (contd.)
What to do when you urgently need a video?

Don’t Panic! Here’s What To Do When You Urgently Need A Video

The long summer is finally coming to an end and it never surprises me just how far companies will wait before realizing they need a video for that exhibition next week, or... (contd.)
Here's why you need an instagram strategy

3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Video Strategy For Instagram

I always believe imitation is the best form of flattery. And in that vein, SnapChat creators should be very VERY flattered right now, as Instagram stories have arrived! Not only does it sound... (contd.)
Here are 3 questions to ask before you start video

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting Started With Video

We all know that video content is one of the largest growing trends in the MENA region for 2016.  At the recent MENA CMO Academy hosted by Google and INSEAD in Abu... (contd.)
This is how investing in video for your business can save you time

3 Videos That Can Save Your Company Valuable Time

As a business owner, there are always 101 things vying for your attention and time, and there are seemingly never enough hours in the day to address everything on your growing list... (contd.)
There are 3 key questions to ask yourself about video production

3 Questions To Ask When Selecting a Video Production Company

Fact. MENA has the highest video consumption in the world, spending 1.8 times more hours viewing content than the global average. The MENA region also has the deepest penetration of mobile usage globally.... (contd.)

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