Mike Hoff


Mike Hoff
Mike Hoff is the Founder and CEO of MHC (Mike Hoff Consulting), a privately owned executive consulting business in the UAE. A certified Gazelles International Coach and certified Innermetrix Consultant by trade, Hoff helps fast growing companies scale up their business by developing high performing teams.

Cash Generation Secrets: How To Survive And Scale Up Your MENA Business

When a company is growing at a rapid rate, you need to ensure that you have sufficient sources of cash to fuel growth—many business owners underestimate how important it is to keep... (contd.)
Want to leverage every advantage in your business? Here's one you might not have considered.

Dear MENA Entrepreneur, Here’s How Not To Drop The Ball On Leadership When Things Get Hectic

The transition from employee to a business owner is a liberating one filled with freedom and excitement. However, it can also be a difficult one. Shifting from a single area of expertise... (contd.)
Before reviewing your recruitment and talent acquisition processes, look internally and ask yourself three key questions.

To Build A High-Performance Team For Your MENA Business, Follow These 3 Key Steps

In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins studied the attributes of top performing companies. Enduring great companies that had both great cultures and delivered consistently strong financial performance for their shareholders... (contd.)
The importance of quarterly meetings

The Power And Importance of Quarterly Meetings

As we reach the end of the third quarter, it's time for companies to re-focus, review their achievements to date against their annual business plan, and get the whole team behind bringing... (contd.)
You teach by learning

The Right Coach Can Make All The Difference

There are two sides to the coin of coaching. As a business owner, you see what needs fixing. Process gaps, management and behaviour patterns, productivity issues —you see them all too clearly... (contd.)
Is there such a thing as a born leader?

Is There Such A Thing As A Born Leader?

Here’s my honest opinion: you could possess inherent qualities that draw people to you, or have the convincing power to sway judgement. You could inspire people, bring them together and be generally... (contd.)
Running a start-up has always been, and will always be hard. Even when you think you are putting in your best, it may not be enough to pull it off.

Things I Wished I’d Known Before Starting My Own Business

Being an entrepreneur is in my blood. My parents ran their own business for many years and I saw the hard work they put in on a daily basis to go the... (contd.)

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