Kristi DePaul


Kristi DePaul
Kristi is a storyteller from the United States, whose curiosity about the world and other cultures has led her to explore far-flung places and unsung corners on five continents, including the Middle East, camera in hand. Her degrees in journalism and nonprofit management have inspired her to never stop learning. She is most passionate about tech startups, gender equity, and the future of work.
Letters from the word SEO being arranged

Expert SEO Tips for Your MENA Startup in 2018

So, you’d like to have more people find out about your startup in 2018? If you’re interested in securing more web traffic—and having relevant prospective customers discover you—you’ll want to check out... (contd.)
How to avoid founders syndrome

Beware: This One Challenge Will Sink Your MENA Startup Fast

Some entrepreneurs refer to their companies as their babies, and it’s easy to see why.A lot of effort and sacrifice go into their creation and growth. Particularly, in the beginning, an enormous... (contd.)

The Startup Fallacy Every MENA Entrepreneur Should Be Wary Of: Never, Ever Quit

“Know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away, know when to run…” So goes the famous song ‘The Gambler’ by country music legend Kenny Rogers.Most... (contd.)
Embracing distance can actually help your business grow faster.

3 Reasons Why Remote Work Makes Sense for Your MENA Startup

What’s holding you back from taking the next step in your entrepreneurial journey? Is it a reluctance to rent an office for your team? Or do you still need to find a... (contd.)
The internet is rife with possibility, if you know where to look.

DIY Design: Make Your MENA Brand Look Like a Million Bucks With Cheap Resources

If you’re bootstrapping a startup, you know that being frugal with your existing funds is smart. Those who hire too quickly, or take on expensive external resources in the form of consultants... (contd.)
Interested in growing your business digitally? If so, you’ll want to follow the Wix SEO Hero Contest closely.

Wix Bets $50,000 On Finding An SEO Hero And It Could Be You

Wix, a website platform managing close to 100 million users, has been scouring the globe for search engine optimization experts who can beat them at their own game. In an international competition... (contd.)

Is This Spot Available? How One Startup Aims To Solve Dubai’s Parking Frenzy

How many times have you spent circling city blocks, searching fruitlessly for a parking spot that’s remotely near your home, workplace or your next meeting? The clock continues ticking as more of... (contd.)
Change in direction.

The Art of The Pivot: How This Cairo-Based Startup Successfully Made the Shift

Treating your smartphone like it’s the brain of a robot might not be on your immediate to-do list this year. But a hot Cairo startup is betting that many techies, educators and... (contd.)
Clear and concise, always

MENA Marketing Pro Tips: 5 Ways To Generate Better Content, Faster

By now, you’ve probably heard the term ‘content marketing’ a time or seven. You’ve likely also come across more than a few companies that are doing it wrong. While creating more content... (contd.)

MENA’s First Digital Accelerator Highlights The Region’s Early Stage Talent

It may come as no surprise that entrepreneurship is thriving across the MENA region. Providing programs that support startups from such a large ecosystem, however, is another story.On that front, Christine Souffrant... (contd.)

MENA Entrepreneurs, Here Are 3 Tips For An Outstanding Investor Pitch

Imagine standing in a sleek boardroom before a venture capital firm’s top partners. You’ve landed the meeting; now your only goal is to get to the next level, whether it’s a second... (contd.)
The culture of your company might be bringing you down.

Here’s Why You Probably Wake Up Dreading To Go To Work

You’ve checked all the boxes: you’re following your passion, you’ve gained valuable expertise, and you know what you want out of your career. (Hey…you’re ahead of most of us. Well done!)Yet, if... (contd.)

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