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Jojo Puthuparampil is a business news writer for Inc. Arabia.
Helping startups

American Aviation Giant Joins Hands With A MENA Incubator To Boost Startups

US aircraft manufacturer Boeing and startup incubator 1776 have formed a partnership to support early stage tech firms in the Middle East and North Africa.Boeing will sponsor Challenge Cup Dubai, one of... (contd.)
UAE Drones Dubai

New Rules In The UAE Could Ground Your Drone

The UAE will stop importing drones that fail to follow specifications set by the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA).In May this year, the ESMA approved fresh regulatory standards that included... (contd.)
Emirates Wifi deal

Post Laptop Ban, Emirates Woos Business Travelers With Unlimited WiFi Deals

In an effort to woo back passengers after a dip in traffic following the laptop ban on its US-bound flights, Dubai carrier Emirates has expanded its free in-flight WiFi service with improved... (contd.)
Food Business Accelerator In Kuwait

Kuwait Gets A Food Business Accelerator For All Those Kuwaiti F&B Dreams

Savour, one of the Middle East’s new wave of food business accelerators will kick off in Kuwait in October. The program aims to help startups in the food sector bring their products and... (contd.)
Laptop Ban Cancelled

Business Travel Alert: Yes, You Can take Your Laptops On Emirates Now

The US has lifted the in-cabin ban on laptops and other large electronic devices on US-bound flights from Dubai and Istanbul, Emirates and Turkish Airlines said.The move comes three days after restrictions... (contd.)
Yaoota acquires portals

Egypt’s Yaoota Acquires Two Phone Comparison Portals On The Road To E-commerce Glory

Egypt-based e-commerce platform Yaoota acquired phone comparison portals Mobihall and Mobilesgate.The value of the deal remained is not disclosed.Founded in 2014, Yaoota is operating in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kenya and Nigeria.With... (contd.)
Souq and Amazon have sealed the deal

It’s Official: Amazon And Souq Have Sealed The Deal

The global e-commerce giant Amazon has completed the acquisition of Dubai-based online retailer Souq.In a joint statement, the companies said that they have taken the first step of integration, allowing customers to... (contd.)
US lifts ban on laptops from Abu Dhabi

You Can Now Take Your Laptop With You To The US If You Fly From Abu Dhabi

The US government has lifted a ban on laptops in cabins on incoming flights from Abu Dhabi, saying the United Arab Emirates' Etihad Airways had put in place required tighter security measures.Etihad... (contd.)
Dubai Economy and have signed a ‘digital protection’ pact to safeguard consumer rights.

Souq Is The First To Sign A Consumer Protection Pact With Dubai Economy, Will Others Follow?

Dubai Economy and have signed a ‘digital protection’ pact to safeguard consumer rights.The pact aims to promote consumer confidence within the region’s growing e-commerce industry.It makes the first certified e-commerce... (contd.)
Emirati fund for non-oil economy

This Emirati Fund Aims To Produce The Next Google Or Tesla

Sandooq Al Watan, an initiative launched by a group of Emirati businessmen, has launched a venture fund titled ‘Our Future’ which aims to produce the next Emirati Google or Tesla by 2071.Sandooq... (contd.)
GCC is heading for billions of dollars in investment

GCC Investment In ‘Internet Of Things’ Is Set To Grow A Multi-Billion Dollar Market

The Internet of Things (IoT) will generate economic benefits worth up to $11 trillion globally by 2025 while GCC countries will see high adoption of IoT, according to a report.IoT already connects... (contd.)
Dubai humanitarian accelerator

Here’s An Accelerator For Humanitarian Entrepreneurs In Dubai

In a first-of-its-kind initiative in the Arab world, the Dubai government has launched The Humanitarian Accelerators.The initiative is launched in collaboration with Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiative (MBRGI) and Dubai... (contd.)
Dubai police self driving vehicle

Dubai, Say Hello To These New Self-Driving Police Vehicles

Months after unveiling flying taxis, Dubai Police has launched autonomous, self-driving miniature cars.Dubai Police signed a new deal with Singapore-based OTSAW Digital to deploy autonomous outdoor security robots — called O-R3 by... (contd.)
UAE needs to step up its cyber security

Computer Users In The UAE, You Need To Step Up Your Cyber Security Game, As Another Global Cyber Attack Hits

No computers in the UAE have been affected by the new ransomware cyber attack yet, that spread from Ukraine and Russia through Europe to the US, according to the country's telecommunications regulator. Thousands... (contd.)
Whatsapp calling in UAE

The Short-Lived WhatsApp Video Calling Stint Gets Axed Once Again In The UAE

Soon after users were elated over the unblocking of WhatsApp's voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) functions in the UAE last week, the government seems to have restricted the use of WhatsApp’s voice... (contd.)

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