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Jojo Puthuparampil is a business news writer for Inc. Arabia.
Sheraa has a big month

Sheraa Has A Big Month As It Aims To Make Sharjah A Startup Hub

Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre (Sheraa)—a launch pad for aspiring entrepreneurs in Sharjah and the UAE—has partnered with budget carrier Air Arabia to launch a ‘travel and tourism’ track at it’s co-working space.This presents... (contd.)
Qatar Airways accuses US carriers of bullying.

Qatar Airways Chief Accuses US Carriers Of Bullying

Qatar Airways chief Akbar Al Baker has accused American carriers of ‘bullying’ in an attempt to wrest back their falling market share.US carriers Delta, United, and American Airlines have accused Qatar Airways... (contd.)

Jordan Launches Million Dollar Project To Boost Its SMEs

The Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO), along with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), has launched a $1.3 million project titled “Supporting Jordan in improving policies of small- and medium-sized... (contd.)
Cheap Loans Saudi

Saudi Arabia Is Pushing Cheap Loans To Boost SMEs & Kickstart Job Creation

The Saudi Arabian government is likely to offer cheap loans to spur job creation. Finance Minister Mohammed Al-Jadaan said the government is planning to provide 'almost interest-free' loans to companies in labor-intensive... (contd.)
Careem go launched in Dubai

Careem Follows Uber In Launching An Affordable Avatar In Dubai

UAE-based ride sharing Careem has launched an affordable service on a trial basis in Dubai soon after its rival Uber unveiled a similar service in the emirate.The firm launched Careem GO for... (contd.)
Uber launches safety feature in KSA

Uber Launches A ‘Selfie’ Feature To Make Sure You Ride Safe In Saudi Arabia

In an effort to improve safety for both drivers and riders, ride-hailing firm Uber has launched a ‘driver verification’ feature for its fleet in Saudi Arabia.The technology feature works by prompting drivers... (contd.)
Gulf Airlines Laptop Ban

Gulf Airlines Are Hurting With The US Laptop Ban, But Just A Wee Bit

The ongoing ban on electronic devices on flights to the US is 'unnecessary', according to Qatar Airways’ CEO Akbar Al Baker.The ban was rushed and introduced without proper discussion, Al Baker told... (contd.)
Uber launches UberX pilot in Dubai

Uber Launches Affordable Uber In Dubai With A 3-Month Trial

Ride-hailing app Uber has launched its affordable travel offering uberX on a trial basis in Dubai.The development comes after Uber signed a pact with Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in January... (contd.)
VAT to double in 5 years

That 5% VAT Being Introduced By Gulf States Might Be 10% In 5 Years

GCC countries are expected to raise value-added tax to 10% within five years, according to a prominent regional economist.GCC states are also studying the introduction of a 10% tax on business profits,... (contd.)
UAE set to launch excise tax

Tobacco Products & Fizzy Drinks In UAE’s Tax Crosshairs

The UAE is likely to introduce excise tax with rates ranging from 50% and 100% on certain goods, according to a tax expert.The excise tax is expected to be introduced this year,... (contd.)
Digital Finance can boost emerging economies

Why Digital Finance Could Be The Kick-Starter Emerging Economies Need

Adoption of digital financial solutions could significantly enhance financial inclusion and push growth in emerging economies, a new report by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI).Transition to digital financial solutions is likely to... (contd.)
OneGCC focuses on the placement of Gulf nationals

This GCC Recruitment Startup Just Scored A $2.5M Investment

C5 Capital's Bahrain-based ‘cloud fund’ for the Middle East and Africa is investing $2.5 million in the GCC digital recruitment platform, OneGCC.This is London-based C5 Capital's first investment through its cloud fund,... (contd.)
They're aiming for 20% female representation by 2020

Dubai Wants More Women On Listed Company Boards

The Dubai Women Establishment (DWE) has signed a pact with Dubai Financial Market (DFM) to enhance women’s economic empowerment by encouraging their participation on the boards of listed companies.As per the pact,... (contd.)
The number of female job seekers are off the charts, and its not just millennials.

Saudi Arabia Really Wants Women To Work, But Isn’t Offering Them Positions

Women constitute 80.6% of registered job seekers in Saudi Arabia, according to a report by General Authority for Statistics.And they seem to continue their search for jobs up to the age of retirement,... (contd.)
Reports are saying that GCC companies aren't ready for VAT

Are GCC Businesses Ready For VAT?

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are set to implement value-added tax (VAT) from January next year, but the majority of businesses in the region are not yet ready to implement the tax,... (contd.)

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