James Pass


James Pass
James Pass is an entrepreneur, international brand consultant and accomplished graphic designer, with 20 years of global branding experience. Since relocating to Dubai in the 1990s, he’s worked with many international branding agencies, including Fitch and Landor Associates, developing a reputation as a leading creative force in the business world. In late 2012, James noticed a shortage of branding services for entrepreneurs and start-ups in the MENA region. The market was saturated by large design agencies with a predominantly corporate focus, which lacked the commercial sensitivity required for a bourgeoning business.In a bid to fill this gap, and enable start-up companies to build brands from scratch, JPd was born.
While some rely purely on luck and others on expertise, there are few things we can learn from branding industry, before moving forward with confidence.

5 Things You Should Do Before You Start Your Own Business In The UAE

With a plethora of new businesses setting up in the UAE, it may appear that everyone can launch a company.This is, in fact, not entirely true.Hearing amazing success stories of startups and... (contd.)

Branding Trends MENA Businesses Should Consider In 2017

The year has been dynamic, unforgettable and a remarkable break from past norms: Events like the Brexit, US elections, distrust of mainstream media, Pokemon mania and the rise of augmented reality sparking... (contd.)

Rebranding Your MENA Business? Think Over These 3 Things Again

In a fast-paced world, where customer choices, demands, and preferences change overnight, businesses often get the short end of the stick.The perfect mix of products, systems, infrastructure and workforce simply isn’t... (contd.)
How to Brand on a budget

Branding On Budget: How Entrepreneurs Can Still Make It Work

For branding on a budget, there are many ways how entrepreneurs can save money while building a strong brand. First of all, some changes should start inside the company.One of... (contd.)
Should MENA startups invest in branding?

Should The Middle East’s Startups Invest In Branding?

There is a common misconception that it might not be necessary for small businesses and startups to invest money in branding at the early stages, but only once they have accumulated a... (contd.)
How can you get people to pronounce your brand name properly?

How To Engage Your Target Market Through Cognitive Branding

The theory of cognitive branding adds life to your brand, giving it a more human element and a persona that is real, responsible, sensitive and sensible.While several key factors come together to... (contd.)
Video is great for brand marketing

Here’s How You Use Video The Right Way To Enhance Your Brand

It all started with YouTube. The sharing of video content changed the framework of online communication, taking the internet to a whole new level and making it the second largest search engine... (contd.)

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