Hana El Mourad

Hana El Mourad
Hana is a journalist from Lebanon, who has worked in her home country and in the UAE for the likes of Fortune Arabia and Arabian Business. Naturally curious, she took her English Literature degree into the world of business journalism nine years ago, and found out that she could actually get paid for it. Entrepreneurship, innovation, and the courage to try are at the core of her writing.

Back From The Eid Break? Here’s A 4-Step Plan To Get Over The Blues

Summer is almost over, temperatures are dropping, school buses are taking over the streets.And for those of us who have been lucky to enjoy the Eid break, this means it is time to... (contd.)

Will We Finally See The First Hijab Emoji On Our Phones?

In the age of social media, the emoji is king—so often adding emotion to text that otherwise may be interpreted in everything but what it really meant.In iOS 9.1, the OS most... (contd.)
Dubai Government employees name salaries as top priority for job happiness

What Keeps Dubai Government Employees Happy?

For Dubai government employees, salaries, compensation, and financial incentives are the main factors contributing to their happiness at work, according to a recent study by Dubai Statistics Centre (DSC).The study, which aimed... (contd.)
One in three attendees confess to falling asleep for feeling drowsy during meetings.

How This Hotel Chain Wants To Help You Survive Meetings

Meetings play an instrumental role in any organization. It is where teams align their strategies (daily or long term), lay down immediate or future plans, brainstorm about products and solutions, or discuss... (contd.)
Finance experts embrace automation and artificial intelligence

Finance Nerds Are Embracing Tech That Could Replace Them

Sci-fi Hollywood may have demonised robots with scenarios ranging from mass job layoffs to doomsday, but the unlikeliest lot—finance professionals—seem to have embraced artificial intelligence, automation and robots, a new survey found.The study,... (contd.)
Online fraud is a major concern for travellers.

This Is Why You Should Be On Fraud Alert This Eid Holiday

This Eid season, make sure you transact online prudently and safely, says one cybersecurity firm.Online fraud is the main concern that travellers have while abroad, according to a new survey by software security... (contd.)
The UAE offers free WiFi for all during Eid Al Adha break

Free WiFi For All During Eid In This Gulf State

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will offer its residents free WiFi during the Eid Al Adha break spanning from the September 8th to the 17th 2016 courtesy of telecom giant Etisalat.The free... (contd.)
UAE's Emirates Group launches 'Intelak', MENA's first aviation incubator

Take Off: Look Who Just Got Into The Incubation Business

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will be home to the first aviation incubator in the Middle East and North African region (MENA).Called Intelak (Arabic for taking off), the new incubator is a joint initiative between... (contd.)
New study shows that Classroom standing desks may help students maintain a healthy body weight

Can The Standing Desk Fix The Gulf’s Obesity Problem?

Standing desks in classrooms could be the answer to the Gulf Cooperation Council's (GCC) growing obesity problem.A new study revealed that by introducing desks that are set at a height into the... (contd.)
New technologies to disrupt the GCC real estate sector

This Is How Tech Is Disrupting Real Estate Across The GCC

The real estate market across the world and in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has started to embrace disruptive technologies that are transforming the way they run their processes, according to a... (contd.)
Dubai Municipality to introduce robot lifeguards on public beaches

Dubai Announces ‘Baywatch’ Of A Very Different Kind

Yep, Dubai has just announced the launch of a robot lifeguard.Claimed to be the first of its type in the Middle East, the robot will serve as a rescuer on the emirate's... (contd.)
39% Of cyberattacks in Saudi Arabia are against governmental websites.

Cyberattackers Are Not Taking It Easy On This Arab Government

Over a third of attempted cyber attacks that have occurred in Saudi Arabia during the past year were against government websites.According to a new report from the National Electronic Security Centre, 39%... (contd.)
Number of mobile subscriptions in Saudi Arabia reaches 48 million with a penetration rate of 152%

This Is Why Mobile Tech Startups Must Look At Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is seeing a stupendous rise in the number of mobile subscriptions, which reached 48 million by the end of the second quarter of 2016.This growth represented a 152% increase in... (contd.)
Salaries in the GCC are expected to rise during 2017 despite sluggish economy.

GCC Workers – Do You Think You Will Be Paid More In 2017?

New research revealed that despite the sluggish economy, salaries in the GCC have increased for some employees and are expected to continue to rise during the coming years.The research conducted by human capital and... (contd.)
South Korean manufacturer recalls Samsung Note 7 after battery glitch.

Not The Kinda ‘Firestorm’ Samsung Wanted With The Galaxy Note 7

South Korean tech giant Samsung has officially recalled its new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone after several reports of overheating and exploding.The company, which has produced 2.5 million units of the new smartphones... (contd.)

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