Hana El Mourad

Hana El Mourad
Hana is a journalist from Lebanon, who has worked in her home country and in the UAE for the likes of Fortune Arabia and Arabian Business. Naturally curious, she took her English Literature degree into the world of business journalism nine years ago, and found out that she could actually get paid for it. Entrepreneurship, innovation, and the courage to try are at the core of her writing.
Talking to Arab youth like only the youth can

Inc. Arabia Social Media Stars: Them Quirky Ones

Part of “May I Have Your Attention Please” featured in the Summer Issue of Inc. Arabia. These are the men and women who have YouTubed, tweeted, ‘grammed, snapped and vine’d their way to... (contd.)
Abolishing stereotypes, one tweet at a time

Inc. Arabia Social Media Stars: The Change Guru

Part of “May I Have Your Attention Please” featured in the Summer Issue of Inc. Arabia. These are the men and women who have YouTubed, tweeted, ‘grammed, snapped and vine’d their way to... (contd.)
Here's How Celebrity Endorsements Can Be Good For Your Business

3 Reasons Why Celebrity Endorsements Are Good For Business

Dubai carrier Emirates just unveiled another new ad featuring Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston. In this short video, Aniston is seen enjoying a shower onboard an Emirates A380 before returning to her first... (contd.)
What Netfilx's "Narcos" Can Teach Us About Leadership

5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Netfilx’s Narcos

Netflix's Narcos has received critical acclaim for turning the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar, one of the most infamous narco-terrorists in history, into a fast-paced, gripping drama. The series details, with a pinch of Hollywood... (contd.)
There is no business in the world immune to fraud, which as a sickness has brought down everything from empires to startups. But while there is no one cure to fraud, there are ways to fight it hard

Here Are 5 Ways Your MENA Business Can Fight Off Fraud

It is the single biggest threat a company faces from the inside—fraud. Firms around the world lose an estimated 5% of their annual revenues to fraud, according to a survey of Certified... (contd.)
Millennials are die-hard daily Snapchat users. Get over your misconceptions

Millennials Are Die-Hard Users—One of The Many Reasons You Should Be On Snapchat

With 100 million daily active users, Snapchat saw brands and media outlets flock to its unique platform in 2015-16. Forget about the obscure app used by teens to exchange dirty little secrets... (contd.)
Here's how your startup can start saving money

The 5 Basic Ways Your Startup Can Start Saving Money Right Away

Starting up a business on a shoestring budget is not an easy endeavour. Yet, with a little strategic ingenuity and economical sense, startups can reduce their overhead costs, save money, and stretch their cash as far... (contd.)
When all else fails, turn to the Internet and ask strangers for money. No, seriously

Meet The 3 Startups Making Crowdfunding Cool In The Arab World

The concept of crowdfunding has been around for centuries where writers, philanthropists, and even militaries tapped into the collective pockets of communities around them to raise money. However, it is only in... (contd.)
Why your startup should move to a coworking space right now

4 Reasons Why Your Startup Should Move To A Co-working Space

One of the downsides of being an entrepreneur or solopreneur is the little social life you get. Bootstrapping your business from the ground up means you will have little of both disposable... (contd.)
Shuttling between Beirut and Silicon Valley, NES' Imad Kreidieh finds the antidote to stress in his bike's throttle

Why This Lebanese CEO Unwinds To The Thumping Tunes Of His Harley

A strange feeling overcame Imad Kreidieh the first time he saw a Harley Davidson bike. The year was 1981, and he was 21 years old, a graduate student living in France. The... (contd.)

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Personal Phone For Work

We all want to stay connected all the time—whether it is to check up on loved ones, post (and stalk) on social media, have instant access to information or reply to those... (contd.)
What Startups Can Learn From The Brangelina Breakup

What Startups Can Learn From The Brangelina Breakup

Was there anything but Brangelina on your Twitter feed yesterday? The end of one of Hollywood's highest profile marriages, that of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, was a minor apocalypse. Did people... (contd.)
3 Lessons Gamers Can Teach Entrepreneurs

4 Lessons Video Gamers Can Teach Entrepreneurs

We all have secrets. Mine is that I had never held a PlayStation controller until six months ago when I was visiting a friend. He was playing Until Dawn, an interactive drama... (contd.)
5 reasons why people are obsessed with the iPhone

4 Non-Tech Reasons Why People Are Obsessed With The iPhone

The iPhone 7 released in 30 selected countries on September 16. As with previous launches, diehard fans were seen camping out, standing in long queues, and cheering outside Apple stores around the world eager... (contd.)
How Can You Use Procrastination To Your Advantage

5 Ways You Can Use Procrastination To Your Advantage

As far as procrastinating goes, we are all guilty. College students, scientists, and even CEOs are all prone to procrastinating sometimes. Even entrepreneurs...even the successful ones.Sometimes it is a big client presentation, other times... (contd.)

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