Christine Grové

Senior Reporter

Christine Grové
Christine is a journalist from South Africa, who has lived and worked in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, covering everything from hard news to art to business & tech. Having been bitten by the travel bug as an infant, Christine finds it fairly easy to uproot herself in search of new adventures and stories. With degrees in both fine arts and journalism, she’s equally interested in visual storytelling as well as the written word. Having been part of three launch teams of three different media startups in her lifetime, she’s intimately familiar with what it takes to get a publication off the ground.
Forty-seven startups from around the world have been selected from a list of over 1000 applications, to form the next cohort at Dubai Future Accelerators (DFA).

Meet The Startups That Have Joined Dubai Future Accelerators For Its Third Cohort

Forty-six startups from around the world have been selected from a list of over 1000 applications to form the next cohort at Dubai Future Accelerators (DFA), it was revealed today.Taking up their... (contd.)
Souqalmal has raised a $10 million Series B round

With A Fresh $10 Million, Souqalmal Aims To Go Deeper Into The Big Bad World Of Insurance

Fresh off its Series B funding round of $10 million,, which claims to be the Middle East's largest platform for finance comparison, will expand operations to include comparisons of insurance offerings... (contd.)
Sometimes taking the plunge is the best thing to do, even though it's risky.

ServiceMarket’s Bana Shomali: I Quit My Job At McKinsey With No Backup Plan—The Best Decision I Ever Made

In startup-land, there are two schools of thought. The one suggests that caution is key; side-hustle until you make it, ensure you have a safety net because failure is always looming.The... (contd.)

What Happens To Your MENA Business When Big Data Becomes Too Big?

The industrial revolution launched us into an age of bureaucracy. Fast forward to recent years, where we’ve shifted into an age of information, which has changed the way we work into a... (contd.)
Before smartphones business cards made sense. Now they're just extra baggage for everyone to lug around conferences and networking events.

It’s Time to Stop Handing Out Business Cards. 3 Things You Should Be Doing Instead

It was 6 p.m. and the networking mixer was just kicking off at a conference I attended earlier this year. As people filed into the hotel bar, people loosened up, and conversations started flowing. As groups formed... (contd.)

Video Didn’t Kill The Radio Star, But Digital Audio Players Like Anghami Probably Will

Gone are the days of the absolute ecstasy when you'd chance upon the song you love on the radio, and scrambling to find a mixtape with an empty side to record it.(I... (contd.)
NOW money raises funds

With Another Round Of Funding, NOW Money Hopes To Eradicate Financial Exclusion In The GCC

NOW Money, the UAE-based fintech startup, that recently closed a $700K funding round has now closed another round for a total of $1.46million.Armed with this injection of finances, the company is on... (contd.)
Virgin mobile UAE has launched.

The UAE Gets A New Mobile Service Brand & It Is Targeting Tech-Savvy Millennials

Richard Branson's Virgin Mobile has just become the third mobile brand to operate in the UAE, and it's the first "fully digital" mobile service.With only two two telecom operators licensed in the... (contd.)

Meet One Of The First AI Startups To Get Funded In The UAE

Artificial Intelligence (AI) startups are in the crosshairs of investors all over the world right now. And with its push towards being a more tech-smart nation, it was never going to take... (contd.)

Meet The Nutritionists Trying To Disrupt Food Delivery For Your Good

Health and convenience don’t typically go hand in hand. When we talk about fast food and ordering in, we don't typically associate it with food that is necessarily good for those of... (contd.)
An influencer endorsing your brand is the most effective way to build your brands credibility

Should You Pay for Social Influencers? The Pros and Cons of Paid Promotions

Seventy-four percent of consumers rely on social media to help them make purchasing decisions. And the influencers on social media are the ones affecting those decisions. Trust in brands is declining, while... (contd.)

Infographic: Here’s What Five Years Of MENA Exits Looks Like

We need to talk about the region's Souq-Amazon induced euphoria—bordering on hysteria. Calm down people, it's not the only big exit that MENA has seen.Of course, it's rather glamorous that one of... (contd.)

MENA’s Got Game, And Legions Of Mobile-Clutching Arab Youth Are Proving it

If you can claim never to have pottered around on Candy Crush while standing in line for coffee, totally engrossed in your iPhone, as the colorful little sweets fall and burst in... (contd.)

Are Saudi Private Businesses Finally Waking Up To The Benefits Of Having Women In The Workplace?

While the leaders of the GCC launched themselves into a diplomatic cataclysm of epic proportions this week, and it seems our region is now firmly in the grips of political unrest, the... (contd.)

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