Camilla Caraccio


Camilla Caraccio
Camilla is a freelance writer from Southern Italy who has lived in China and Jordan, working for local magazines and corporate blogs. Having majored in literature and communications, she has found the 'sweet spot' in business writing, satisfying her curiosity and fascination with social entrepreneurship. She is always looking for new places to explore and great food to indulge in.
Taking your work home with you? You have nothing on the entrepreneurs working with family.

Founded In The Family: Meet The Jordanian Couple Breathing New Life Into Forgotten Items

Part of our "Better Together" Photo Story series, featured in the February 2017 issue of Inc. Arabia. Insider stories from sibling and spouse pairs in the MENA Region that co-run companies; and the good... (contd.)
And a startup is already on the right track.

This Is How IoT Will Be Driving Innovation In The MENA Hospitality Industry

It's common knowledge that guest satisfaction doesn't come easy.Product Manager at Savvy Ahmed Khalil Alkahlout believes that IoT applied to the hospitality industry can serve as a springboard for success and mean... (contd.)
Who says the UAE is no country for old cars?

This Startup Wants You To Get The Best Deal On A Second Hand Car

When he bought his first used car years ago, Alexander Kappes had no idea about the many pitfalls that were awaiting him. For Kappes, car enthusiast (his dream is to own a... (contd.)
This Jordanian how his personal struggle triggered a much-awaited eureka moment that turned into Masmoo3, an audiobooks startups.

How I Did It: Masmoo3’s Ala Suleiman On Bringing Audiobooks To The Arabic Speaker

Part of our “How I Did It” series, featured in the January 2017 issue of Inc. Arabia. Insider stories from from some of the Middle East & North Africa’s most innovative companies; and the grit... (contd.)
This Jordanian on how his entrepreneurial itch reached its climax with Tamatem - a mobile gaming studio creating games tailored towards the Arab world.

How I Did It: Hussam Hammo On Learning To Talk Money

Part of our “How I Did It” series, featured in the January 2017 issue of Inc. Arabia. Insider stories from from some of the Middle East & North Africa’s most innovative companies; and the grit... (contd.)
Now on the cusp of recognition with the e-commerce startup CashBasha, Jeryes talks about reaching this point with patience and willpower.

How I Did It: CashBasha’s Fouad Jeryes On Fighting His Inner Demons…And Winning

Part of our “How I Did It” series, featured in the January 2017 issue of Inc. Arabia. Insider stories from some of the Middle East & North Africa’s most innovative companies; and the grit and... (contd.)
Inside Amman's 2017 co-working spaces Think outside the office box.

Have A Look Inside Amman’s Most Popular Co-Working Spaces

There are good ideas, and there are great ideas. But it's who works on them and with who that makes the difference between the two. Based on this premise, various communal spaces have... (contd.)
Jordanian-born company ArabiaWeather is (quite literally) predicting the unpredictable.

This Jordanian Startup Is Predicting The Unpredictable

Parents would know how kids often come up with questions that leave them stumped. We can say with some measure of surety that the parents of now-acclaimed entrepreneur Mohammed Al-Shaker, would have... (contd.)
Started off as an ambitious project in college, BrailleBoard may soon provide millions of Arabs with a helping hand into the digital sphere.

This Made-In-Palestine App Could Help Bring The Blind Into The Digital Age

As the world becomes increasingly visual and interactive, as many as 39 million people suffering sight loss risk feeling left out.The conversation around their inclusion has reached a crescendo as digital media... (contd.)
Gilmore Girls' lovers around the world sat down these past couple of months to watch the show’s much-awaited return on Netflix over and over again.

9 Things MENA’s Hospitality Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls protagonist, Lorelai Victoria Gilmore, is an attractive woman who is in her mid-thirties when the TV drama started.A larger-than-life character, Lorelai has been lauded mostly for embodying the 'modern' parent, and... (contd.)
With the right kind of PR, make your business soar

5 Reasons Why PR Is Important For Your Business In The Arab World

Never underestimate the power of a great idea. With it, you can do anything. But what is a great idea if no one is talking about it? You can't stand still and... (contd.)
The Orenda Tribe is shaping yound minds with a palette of colors.

This Is How A Jordanian T-Shirt Brand Is Empowering Children

Zaid Souqi was reading Really Important Stuff My Kids Have Taught Me, a book he had stumbled upon when his eureka moment came to him.The history of his startup is deeply... (contd.)
The Kingdom is gearing up to plug into digital jobs

Why This Move Might Mark The Start Of A New Digital Era For Jordan

Since the term ‘Digital Economy’ was coined by Don Tapscott in his 1995 best-seller, a lot has changed for virtually every business and industry around the world.The MENA region is no... (contd.)

Is This Jordanian Stars Of Science Winner MENA’s Next Big Biotech Entrepreneur To Watch?

In the challenging finale of season 8 of Stars Of Science (SOS), the first Pan-Arab docu-reality series dedicated to game-changing solutions, medical researcher Sadeem Qdaisat was named the Arab world’s top innovator... (contd.)
Can 3D printing help in the Syrian refugee crisis? One Jordanian startup thinks that it can

Can 3D Printing Help In The Syrian Refugee Crisis?

A self-watering planter, a USB drive cryptex, an electric light shoe and an impossibly elaborate sweater that fits you like a glove. Objects from our future? Yes. Science fiction? Almost. There is... (contd.)

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