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Bindi Shah
Bindi Shah is a contributing writer for Inc. Arabia.

5 Ways Suppliers Can Maintain Great Relationships With Their Distributors

Very often, the success of a business depends on the success of your dealers and distributors. If you are a manufacturer of goods, it is your distributors, who form the link for... (contd.)

How To Hack The Fine Art Of Corporate Storytelling

I remember reading the autobiography of Akio Morita, co-founder and former Chairman of Sony Corporation in college. Those were carefree days. Career goals and aspirations were just taking shape. However, Morita’s book... (contd.)

Here’s How To Promote Your Business When You’re On Tight Budget

We often think that marketing is about big budgets and planned campaigns. A well-planned marketing campaign that is executed with expert help can no doubt ring in big returns. However, sometimes, simple,... (contd.)

5 Ways To Create A Marvellously Competitive Strategy

As we all know, your business' long-term goals and mission are always linked to certain assumptions about the future and market trends. And over time, every strategy and assumption becomes obsolete. Hence, strategy needs... (contd.)

6 Steps To Resolving Conflicts At Your MENA Workplace

Wherever people live or work together, conflict is inevitable. Conflicts occur due to differing opinions, expectations, and philosophies. Disagreement up to a certain level is healthy and can lead to innovative solutions and... (contd.)

3 Financial Essentials For Your MENA Startup’s First Business Plan

Strategy is easy...numbers are hard.However, it is quintessential to make financial projections for your business plan to come to life.The primary purpose for a business to exist is to earn... (contd.)
Product launches can be hectic, and can easily go haywire if you don't plan them properly.

Scrum and Kanban: The 2 Agile Frameworks To Get Your MENA Business Rolling

The Complete Guide to Agile Marketing – a Workfront whitepaper – says that Scrum is an Agile framework that was first adopted by software development teams. Today, it finds the place among... (contd.)
why networking is important for your business

5 Ways To Network Effectively Anywhere In The World

Often, if you ask successful business leaders for advice on how to make it, they will undeniably share one tip with you; “Network, network, and network more.”Networking is considered to be... (contd.)
So what is stopping you from hedging your risk?

4 Ways To Protect Your MENA Business Against Currency Fluctuations

Globalization is a reality, and it's not just the weighty corporates and multinationals that need to safeguard against currency-induced risks. Even relatively small, budding enterprises and family-run companies need to protect their business against... (contd.)
Managing conflict is a sign of a good leader

Here Is A 6-Step Plan To Resolve Conflict At Your MENA Workplace

Whenever people live or work together, conflict is inevitable. As we all know, conflicts can occur due to differing opinions and philosophies, but it's about managing expectations.Disagreement up to a certain... (contd.)
How to use video to grow your business

4 Ways Video Can Be Your MENA Business’s Best Friend

Being constantly connected can take its toll. No one has the time to spend hours, sifting through long paragraphs of text, to look for relevant information from pages provided to you. In such an... (contd.)
It's time for a change

Here Is A 5-Step Plan For MENA Businesses To Implement Agile Marketing

This is the second article of a two-part series on Agile marketing. Read the first one here. The transition from a non-agile approach to an Agile approach for marketing may require you and... (contd.)

MENA Businesses, Here Are 5 Key Reasons To Adopt Agile Marketing

Marketing has long been viewed in the context of the Waterfall methodology—a rigid, top-down approach that defines needs, plans projects and then executes them in a linear sequence.However, with changing times and... (contd.)
It's 2017. Be good. Be great.

MENA Entrepreneurs, Here Are 5 Simple Habits To Make 2017 Work For You

Who wouldn’t want the new year to be successful? The idea of 2017 where more goals are achieved, more milestones are recorded, and more success celebrated is universally appealing.Sometimes, you don’t have... (contd.)
It's time to take steps towards becoming not just a profitable but a responsible business

5 Ways To Take Your MENA Business Green In 2017

A new year always sets in with new resolutions. Could there be a better way to welcome the New Year than deciding to walk the green path with your business in 2017?... (contd.)

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