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Bindi Shah
Bindi Shah is a contributing writer for Inc. Arabia.

Here Is A 5-Step Plan To Empower Your Employees In The Truest Sense

Political leaders all over the world talk of empowering the common man through special rights and facilities.But empowerment is not something that should be restricted to the public or civil domain. It... (contd.)
Productivity in a downturn

Downturn Got You Down? Here’s How To Improve Productivity In Your MENA Business

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. To apply this in the business context, when things are smooth at the macroeconomic and global level, it is easier to perform and... (contd.)
color in the workplace

Here’s How To Use Color In The Workplace To Stimulate Your Employees

More often than not, we take the impact of colors for granted. In fact colors have the power to affect our moods, reactions and productivity levels. Brands often choose colors that match... (contd.)
virtual reality in business

How Virtual Reality Can Help Your MENA Tech Business

Virtual (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are rapidly growing tech sectors and are impacting everyday life as well as businesses in more ways than one.As a business thriving in the current digital age,... (contd.)
How to maintain a startup culture

4 Ways To Make Your Business Think & Do Like A Startup

When you are starting your own business, the passion and enthusiasm levels are very different—and probably lower than when the startup becomes an established company focusing on data, customer retention, and strategy.If... (contd.)

4 Ways To React To A Rival Badmouthing Your MENA Business

There is competition in every field of business—as long as all the players are indulging in fair play and trying to woo customers through legitimate means and products and services, competition is... (contd.)
You need to offer more than just a job.

5 Quirky Perks To Offer Employees At Your MENA Startup

When employees are looking for a new job, what attracts them to a company beyond the core vision and values are the perks and benefits that come with it.The perks you decide... (contd.)
Are you running blindly behind any one area in your life? Learn to balance it out.

Work-Life Balance: It’s Not Impossible To Achieve

It's a constant, everyday struggle to strike a balance between professional, personal, family, social, community, leisure and spiritual commitments. There may be times when you find yourself tilting towards work more and compromising on... (contd.)
Make your website dynamic and more impressive than a live salesman!

Five Essentials For Your Small Business Website

A presence on the internet through a powerful and dynamic website is as, or even more, important as having a brick and mortar office in today’s digital world. But don't let your website be... (contd.)
A few simple changes may make your work day more organized and clutter-free.

How To Find More Time In Your Day At Work

Time is perhaps the scarcest resource that all of us work with. We all have several tasks to finish and often see ourselves struggling to strike a balance between our personal and... (contd.)
Execs from companies like AirBnB, Capital One, AutoDesk and VMware share openly.

4 Way To Build Employee Loyalty For Your MENA Startup

In today’s competitive world, hiring and retaining good talent is a pertinent issue.A lot of surveys tell us that employees in many corporations are looking for better opportunities to come their way.What... (contd.)
Positive team synergy can lead to miracles in the long run.

4 Ways To Build Synergy Within Your MENA Startup

Synergy is a term related to chemistry. It means that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Synergy can be both negative and positive.In an organization, it is important... (contd.)
Feeling confident before an interview is important.

Here Is A 4-Step Plan To Avoid The Nerves Before An Interview

There are often several thoughts running in our mind if we have to go for a job interview or a business meeting where we are meeting an important client for the first... (contd.)
Outdoor advertising isn't dying in the digital age; it is only gaining a fresh look.

3 Ways To Make Effective Use Of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising has many forms. From traditional billboards to digital and interactive billboards to trains, taxis and buses and kiosks and street furniture, there are many media involved with outdoor advertising.You have... (contd.)
Take note: If you're afraid to offer a contract, you shouldn't be in business.

A 5-Step Approach To Conducting A Successful Phone Interview

A phone interview is often the first step in the hiring process. If prepared for well, it can be a good first point-of-interaction between potential employees and the company.It can help to... (contd.)

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