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Ankush Chibber
Ankush is a journalist hailing from India, who has edited and written for publications in his home country, the UAE, US, and UK. Previously the editor of Gulf Business in Dubai and of Entrepreneur in India, Ankush is a keen student of economics, a follower of Manchester United since 1996 and a disciple of Archer.
VAT deadline in Saudi Arabia

Clarity: Saudi Businesses Now Have Till December 20 To Register For VAT

Saudi authorities have clarified that December 20 is now the deadline for mandatory Value Added Tax (VAT) registration in Saudi Arabia, ending days of confusion and speculation in financial and business circles.At... (contd.)
Working Capital Gulf

Gulf Businesses Face Declining Working Capital Perfomance

The crash in oil prices and subsequent economic pressures have impacted the working capital performance for companies big and large, according to accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).According to a new report from the... (contd.)
UAE VAT Deadline

UAE Businesses Can Register For VAT Starting September 15

UAE businesses will be able to register for value-added tax (VAT) beginning the middle of September, the head of the country's new tax authority said Tuesday.Khalid Al Bustani, the director-general of the Federal... (contd.)

Why B2C Startups Must Keep An Eye On The UAE

Consumer spending in the UAE will not be slowed down, according to a new report by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.According to the report, consumer spending will grow at a compound... (contd.)
Saudi VAT Registeration Deadline

UPDATED: Saudi Businesses & The Deadline To Register For VAT

UPDATE: Post the publishing of this article, Saudi authorities have clarified that December 20 is now the deadline for mandatory Value Added Tax (VAT) registration in Saudi Arabia, ending days of confusion... (contd.)
Qatar eases business travel

Qatar Overhauls Visa Laws To Ease Business Travel To The Country

Facing a regional boycott led by its neighbors UAE and Saudi Arabia, Qatar has announced an overhaul of its visa program that will now allow visa-on-arrival entry for citizens of 80 countries.According... (contd.)
Kuwaiti MPs oppose VAT

The First Real Challenge To The GCC’s Plans For VAT Sprouts Up In Kuwait

The first real challenge to the Gulf states' plans for value added tax (VAT) has come from Kuwait, where several members of parliament (MPs) have said that they will not be voting... (contd.)
Apple team opposes Open Plan

A Team At Apple Says What We All Are Thinking: We Hate Open Plan Offices

Thank god there is more of us. And there are more of us in probably the biggest and the most important company in the world.Yesterday, news broke that there were some teams... (contd.)
Saudi Malls E-commerce

E-commerce Will Not Kill Malls In Saudi Arabia, But It Will Come Pretty Close

In the mishmash of a content disaster that LinkedIn has become, more on which I will write someday, there are still islands where you can sometimes find great conversations, links to stories... (contd.)
Aramex launches chatbot service

A MENA Shipping Giant Is Now Offering An AI-enabled Chatbot

Regional shipping giant Aramex has got on to the consumer-facing artificial intelligence (AI) game with the launch of a new chatbot on Facebook Messenger on August 7.Called the Aramex Bot, the chatbot is... (contd.)
Drone use UAE

These Are The New Requirements For Drone Use In The UAE

Starting Septemner, the UAE will begin mandatorily registering drones used for recreational or commercial purposes in the country, it was announced today.According to Abdulla Abdul Qader Al Maeeni, director general of the Emirates... (contd.)
ADGm launches fintech challenge

Abu Dhabi Makes Another Pitch To Be The Region’s Fintech Hub

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), the UAE capital's financial free zone, and Big 4 firm KPMG are teaming up to launch an initiative to boost the city's fintech ecosystem.Called the FinTech Abu Dhabi... (contd.)
Inc. Arabia Talent Talk

Gulf States Are Inching Towards Better Economic Ecosystems With Residency Overhauls

This morning, a piece of legislation was passed in Qatar that might go undiscussed in the Western press among all the political news but has huge implications on the country's and indeed... (contd.)
Mamba Mentality

Here’s A Pro Tip For Founders From The Kobe Bryant School Of Mamba Mentality

Even if you are someone who knows nothing about basketball, I am still willing to bet that you at the very least do know who Michael Jordan is. And if you are... (contd.)

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